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Jan 16, 2009
... A few months ago I began having cluster headaches. I will have a splitting headache for a couple of weeks, and then I am fine for a period of time. This cycle keeps repeating itself. ... (7 replies)
... hey shane.i can understand your hesitation at the thought of all that having to occur just to have the cord contact is a bigger than normal surgery on the spine. ... (10 replies)
... hey shane.i can understand your hesitation at the thought of all that having to occur just to have the cord contact is a bigger than normal surgery on the spine. ... (10 replies)

Hey Telzey!
Jun 20, 2003
... pain, or maybe a bone problem as you suggest. I've had broken bones and they are excruciating! You can have pain in your bones even if they are not cracked, by the way. I used to have severe osteoporosis, and the bones in my right foot were so weak you could see they were translucent in an Xray! ... (5 replies)
... I highly recommend seeing a spine specialist and getting an MRI. With a good diagnosis you are much more likely to find the right medication for your particular situation, or maybe even a treatment that doesn't require medicine, like physical therapy. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, I wanted to know if anyone can give me some advice on my health issue. My lumbar mri says that I have an annular tear and disc herniation at l5 s1. I have mild spinal stenosis and degenerative disease at l4 l5. ... (1 replies)
... Oh, grrrrrr... I had just typed a long response with comments to each of you... and the window closed suddenly! ... (19 replies)
Calcified muscle
Oct 15, 2002
... They kept trying to massage it away, but the pain stayed on. ... (2 replies)
Muscle pain
Oct 14, 2002
... She gave me a lot of treatments that didn't help a bit! ... (21 replies)
... It is the exception who requires a referral. Most spine surgeons accept new patients who just call up and make an appointment. ... (11 replies)
... I believe we've "chatted" before....don't remember if we covered this earlier or not...but one fairly simple way to find out if some of the pain is coming from the SI joints would be to have a diagnostic SI joint nerve block. ... (20 replies)
... after I started wearing the belt. ... (4 replies)
... soo surprised they would tell you to wear the belt regularly.. ... (4 replies)
... My mri results read as follows.In the lumber spine there is a grade 1 to 2 anterolithesis of l5 in relationship to s1 due to bilateral pars intertarticularis defect.The intervertebral disc is uncovered and shows a small central annular tear. ... (7 replies)
... months. I am seeing a good phiosotherapist who worked with an NFL team here in CA. He has helped me make it through these past 6 months. He actually worked with the doctors who developed the IDET procedure at the SOAR clinic in CA. I have been doing PT on my back for 3 months and it has helped some. ... (4 replies)
... was a discectomy, and that was done because it was a one level problem, and the nerve just needed to be decompressed. At that time, there was an annular tear, but it wasn't huge and the disc height was reasonably well maintained. ... (15 replies)
... S1 touching left nerve. I am afraid to have surgery but I am also afraid of the permanent nerve damage it might cause if I don't. ... (3 replies)
... rheumatologist reviewed the MRI as a favor to me and said that he would pursue the conservative approach first with the Spine Clinic at the U of PA. They are physiatrists. Both he and his family doctor said that injections might help his particular problem. ... (11 replies)
... I am in the same situation and agree that you must keep trying to find the right doctor who will listen to you. I started having left buttock and leg pain after overdoing it this summer in the gym and at the beach. ... (14 replies)
... My PT recommends the same exercise. You are working the transverse abdominis muscle which is one of the core abdominal muscles and which tends to shut down with back pain. ... (4 replies)

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