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... I have a question, has anybody ever heard of a back lesion? ... (5 replies)
Lesion on T10
Apr 19, 2005
... In Feb. of this year my husband went to our primary care doctor because he was having a lot of neck, shoulder and back pain. Very unusual for him. Our primary sent him to an arthritis specialist who did several tests including an MRI of his spine. ... (2 replies)
Bertolotti Lesion
Feb 25, 2011
... I have been suffering with low back issues for over 10 years. ... (3 replies)

Bertolotti Lesion
Feb 26, 2011
... I would even go out on a limb and say that I'd be willing to bet that the plantar fasciitis and hip bursitis are also a result of postural changes caused by your back issues. ... (3 replies)
... This is my first post. Seeing PMD for 3 months with low back pain and pain radiating through buttock into thigh. Occasional numbness on outer side of thigh. I take soma and vicodin for pain. ... (0 replies)
... have you ever actually ahd an MRI done on your back at all? ... (5 replies)
... re is mild endplate irregularity in the lower thoracic and upper lumbar spine likely representing Schmorl's node formation. There is a T1 dark, T2 bright osseous lesion within the L4 vertebral body measuring approx. 5mm. ... (6 replies)
... lge on L3 and L5 pushing right, and a 3mm bulge on L4 pushing back. Shrinking of the the canal on the right was also noted. But more alarming was a 1.3 mm bone lesion in the sacrum. It was advised that I have a full body bone scan and xray of the sacrum. ... (2 replies)
Rib Lesion
Sep 18, 2006
... It was diognosed as a rib lesion. where i had sat awkwardly at work. I have come back today & touch wood I have had a bit of pain but nothing like it was.. I paid out a total of 200 in Oseopath & had numerous trips to the docs. Can anyone reccomend a chair that I could get for work ? (4 replies)
Rib Lesion
Sep 4, 2006
... I am now recovering from a rib lesion which is the result of sitting awarkwardly at work. ... (4 replies)
... my mom lifted a box and that started her life of back pain. ... (5 replies)
... Hello, new to the group. I have had a back problem most of my adult life. I was a roofer for about 30 years. I know this tore up my back big time. Also have taken a dive off a few roofs and landed on my rear. One time I felt a big shock up my back. ... (8 replies)
... I went through the back problems board thought of posting my problem. ... (2 replies)
... my symptoms are low back pain that usually feels like a deep ache but sometimes it gets a little sharper. on my back towards the bottom of my spine right above where my butt crack starts there is a protusion, its like a hump the size of my fist. ... (19 replies)
Back problems
Jun 24, 2008
... Hi my name is carolyn and i have been suffering with lower back problems severly this year 08 short an brief in 99 diagnosed with multiple sceleros an reason being is that i had heaviness an tightness in back and leg an thigh on right due to the fact my occupation female plumber but strange diagnosis had mri so small lesion on brain since know they are not active nor grown... (2 replies)
... I was reading some of your symptoms, my thought was also MS. Then when I saw your famiy member mentioned it, I felt compelled to write you. First, don't let your back probelms make you think that thats all that is wrong with you. You could have several things going on. ... (19 replies)
... ng and broke arm at greater tuberosity..slap lesion, rotator cuff tears, etc. also detached tendon in hand..just had surgery for that..frozen shoulder now..going back to pt again. Question...i am having the worst back spasms in the upper right area above shouler blade. i know it's due to this whole messed up rt. arm thing... ... (1 replies)
... Hi NapaMike, Maybe i may be of some help. As the last post, the hnp's are herniated disc's. Stenosis IS pinched nerves. I somehow injured myself back in 7/2000 and have been suffering the SAME EXACT symptoms you have described. I also had MRI's done which the reports are somewhat similar to yours, however i dont think mine were quite as bad as yours. I took my MRI films and... (10 replies)
Back mri
Mar 23, 2016
... Hello I have had back problems since I was 16. My parents did not believe me so now I am in a lot of pain. My lower back is the worst, I got 2 injections yesterday, a combination of steroids and a numbing agent. I feel a lot better and I can move again. ... (4 replies)
... I have received the following mri report could someone assist me in understanding this report. I have had neck and back problems since about Sept 99 and getting worse. ... (10 replies)

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