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... hi, i too was in an auto accident and had a negative mri. i was then diagnosed with sacroilitis. my pain is located exactly where you described and goes down both legs. i also have hip pain and low back pain because of it. ... (16 replies)
... that being said "some narrowing" isn't really that descriptive so another option could be a standing MRI which might show more. A had a friend who had a normal MRI but lots of pain, until someone recommended a standing MRI and it turned out that she had a bulging disc. ... (16 replies)
... I am currently in a lot of pain from a car accident back in July of '07. ... (16 replies)

... Well I had my appt yesterday and it just how I figured. I was actually quite surprised I was required to make this appt just for him to read my MRI and tell me the same thing he told me last time. So basically, no new news. ... (16 replies)
... Thanks for all the advice. I picked up my MRI images and dropped them off, appt is Monday at 430. I can't wait to find out if this is the problem and he can fix me. ... (16 replies)
... This new diagnosis would also make sense with the piriformis problem as piriformis attaches to the ligaments around the sacrum and illia and would become inflammed if those structures are inflammed aswell. So with you it is possible the cause is the Sacroilial joint and the symptoms are being aggravated / maintained by the piriformis muscle. Obviously this is conjecture at... (16 replies)
... chance of it being piriformus. Wants to see MRI but someone had mentioned that a standing MRI would be a better option. ... (16 replies)
... I was just reading an article about this the other day and it said that annular tears and small lateral herniations don't always show up on MRI and many people have a clean MRI with symptoms. ... (16 replies)
... i am so glad i read your post. mine was from an accident as well but i haven't settled yet. i know those injections are quite expensive. ... (16 replies)
... i think its cool that your staying active even with the pain. i've not been active much but i've not gained or lost weight since i've been in pain about 5 months now. my physical therapist said his goal is to get me active again. we will see. ... (16 replies)
... I had an injection like that too. they put the anesthetic in and if its the si joint causing you pain you will feel immediate relief, then they inject the steroid. after 2 days i felt wonderful. please let us know how you feel afterwards. ... (16 replies)
... Super congrats on the weight loss!!! GOOD FOR you!!!That is really impressive considering all that you are going through! When i hurt my back, I gained 50 Ilbs. I hope the appointment goes well on Monday. It will be interesting to her what they have to say. Good luck (16 replies)
... and see if the pain goes away. If so, then he was talking about a possible steroid injection to that joint. ... (16 replies)
... PS Steroid injections can be very affective in this area and in some cases give immediate relief - but that is only when it actually IS those structures causing the problem - it relies on an accurate diagnosis of course! (16 replies)
... ser together, which puts a lot of pressure on them. If there is a problem in the spine such as a pinched nerve or stenosis or degeneration, it's very likely that pain can worsen in these positions. Not always, but in many cases. ... (6 replies)
... before they would let me see surgeon, so I went yesterday. He basically made me feel stupid for 1. getting the MRI in the first place cause "they're useless", and 2. for being worried about the results cause they are basically wrong. ... (2 replies)
... S1. You could say the operation was a success, in that it minimized my back pain. But due to complications during the surgery I was left with permanent numbness down my sciatic nerve and have no feeling in back of buttocks, calf, heel, and toes. ... (9 replies)
... as strange it may sound, but nothing is better than finally get right diagnoses and to have done whatever this is just to have some life quality. ... (4 replies)
... So I know I'm not the youngest person to post on here with back pain, but I still don't think I should be having these problems at this age. ... (7 replies)
Lower back pain
Mar 20, 2008
... I'm pretty fit and healthy person, I'm 26 yrs old and been playing soccer all my life. For years i've had lower back pain but even after physio, chiro, CT, Xrays, MRI nothing shows up. The pain can occur at anytime.. ... (2 replies)

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