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... hrs after the accident. I felt my low back become painfull. It felt sharp and constant. I knew something was wrong. I thought about going to the doctors. ... (9 replies)
Back pain
Oct 27, 2006
... ive been having back pain for a awhile now. I went to the doctor twice and the emergency room. ... (2 replies)
... Hello. I have pain in my lower back on both sides and have trouble staying on my feet for too particularly if I have to stand in one place without moving around. ... (3 replies)

... in early '03 while walking or standing for too long. It would also go across the area where my low back meets my buttocks and in my buttocks area. ... (4 replies)
Why So Much Pain?
Jan 10, 2005
... I'm not on the couch in front of th t.v. anymore, not on pain pills either. This is not my first time with pt. 5 years ago pt fixed a herniated disc in my back. So far, the pt is the only thing helping me this time too. ... (15 replies)
... hi im liza im 35 and about 3 weeks ago i slipped and fell off my back step landing on my left hand side of my back.i really did go a cropper.well after i had got over the shock i got up and went to investigate my injuries.To my surprise all i had was red markings just below the left hand side of my neck. ... (7 replies)
... e been in therapy with him since October... and by November it was every 3 days and now once a week... it helps but doesnt last the week and now it has gotten so back since Christmas, I actually called for pain killers which is something I so dont do. ... (6 replies)
... free position in our condition is if you lie on your back and place plenty of cushions under your knees so that your back is flat and your knees are bent. Think of it as if you're sitting on a chair that has been tipped back onto the floor..... if you know what I mean. ... (4 replies)
Thoracic Back pain
Nov 25, 2005
... L1. It went well, but this last week the incision pain has decreased A LOT and I feel the same constant sharp pain but its at the bottom of my incision and underneath the incision. ... (81 replies)
... Hi everyone. I have had 2 epidurals from two different pregnancies. The first one was about 6 years ago and before my last child, I had some pretty bad back problems. I now have a 5 month old and some VERY bad back problems. I have no clue what to do. ... (4 replies)
... A couple years ago, my back was really bothering me, but it eventually went away after a couple months. Now its back again and its KILLING me. Its in my lower back, and it seems like it comes and goes throughout the week. ... (7 replies)
... me again. My nerve appears to be calming down quite a bit, but cant roll over still but can walk 2 miles and sit, BUT having some seconday issues from being imobile for so long. ... (0 replies)
... my symptoms are low back pain that usually feels like a deep ache but sometimes it gets a little sharper. on my back towards the bottom of my spine right above where my butt crack starts there is a protusion, its like a hump the size of my fist. ... (19 replies)
Back pain
Mar 16, 2008
... my back really hurts. ... (2 replies)
... I just started having lower back pain about 2 or so weeks ago. ... (1 replies)
... Hello, About a year ago, I fell down a flight of stairs at work and permanently damaged L3-L5. The Doctor’s diagnosed me with L3 disc herniation, L4 disc bulge and L5 degeneration. My symptoms include; lower back pain and pressure (feels like a have a bubble in my back), I cannot bend over without feeling extreme pain and pressure, I have radiating pain down my right leg... (2 replies)
... dd that the injection brought on that feeling i get withthe doing to much not being able to stand up on my feet and the feeling as if theres something stuckin my back area!!!! Althought he made the nerve pain in my leg go up a few notches, it felt good knowing that he may have got the right spot! ... (2 replies)
Back pain often.
Sep 20, 2005
... I Have Alot Of Trouble With My Lower Back Hurting. I Cant Hardly Bend Over At Times Because If I Do I Can Hardly Get Back Up. If I Sit Or Stand To Long It Starts Bothering Me. I Had My Rt Kidney Removed Back In May Due To Cancer, I Was Hoping That It Would Help Some But It Hasnt. ... (3 replies)
Lower Back
May 24, 2004
... I can sy that the Skelaxin is doing nothing for the pain! i cant bend over or sit or lay in one postion for too long. Its a constant ache. And its one spot that is the worse on my left side right near the buttocks. ... (9 replies)
... t gives me any relief and doesn't cause pain is when I lie flat on my back on the bed, and hopefully after a while the muscles relax around the right hip and the pain around the lower spine sacral illiac joint hopefully decreases and eventually disappears. ... (0 replies)

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