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... said that the best sleeping position for a person with a herniated disk is on your stomach with a small pillow under your pelvis. ... (3 replies)
... Do you sleep on your side ? ... (8 replies)
... ant to point out first thing that I work with horses. Just to start off. Lately I have noticed that for the past few months I have been woken up during the night sleeping on my stomach, but in some pretty intense lower back pain. ... (5 replies)

Feb 11, 2012
... walking or lying down. So for this reason, regardless of what your buttocks are sitting upon, it is hard on your spine, and therefore, you should not sit for longer than about 15 minutes before getting up and moving around a bit. ... (11 replies)
... Started with excruciating pain in my back that would shoot down my left leg when I walked. Mostly at night the sciatic nerve in my left leg would fire off. I sleep on my stomach. ... (1 replies)
... Good tips, SweetPea. Probably any position that is maintained for a period of time will make you feel stiff. Try to vary your sleeping positions during the night, if you are not already doing so. Just avoid sleeping on your stomach. ... (7 replies)
... Hi! Hope someone can help provide some relief! My Mother injured her back from fainting. It's waist level on the right side. She can't sleep on her stomach or back. When she tries to sleep on her side, it's very painful, even with a pillow between her knees. ... (2 replies)
Post-IDET Report
Nov 25, 2003
... and I'll say a bit more about how my thinking has progressed during my personal ordeal. First, I should say that I would not have done anything invasive about my back just to be able to enjoy sports again. ... (117 replies)
... I'm 20 and i just had a spinal fusion for spondylolisthesis grade 3 about four months ago. I use to have nerve pain when i first found out i had it five years ago but about three years ago my nerve pain went away. I didnt really have that much pain when i had the surgery. ... (12 replies)
... I am nearly pain free. yay! ... (6 replies)
... y suddenly starting these 3 exercises that you mentioned, you stretched some longitudinal ligaments that hadn't been used in a LONG time. This would explain the pain that you were feeling. ... (10 replies)
... I am suffering from disk bulgement. I heard the best way to sleep or when you are laying down is put your back on the floor. I heard patients never should sleep on their stomach. ... (3 replies)
Mar 21, 2001
... Went to chiro again last night...that was twice tues.First time was in so much pain from muscle spasms that he couldn't get back to move at all.Says if the severe ones keep coming on he will have me get an MRI in a couple of weeks to see what is going on with the tissues. ... (1 replies)
... We're not doctors, but we've all got various back ailments. This is a good place to get an education and some advice from others who have been there already. ... (2 replies)
... a primary care physician who wouldn't believe my pain was anything more than some muscle tightness. ... (12 replies)
... well after my first lumbar surgery was there is a big difference in physical therapists. I think we have all been given a standard sheet of exercises to do for back pain. Usually they are stick figures with minimal instruction, but they look simple to do. ... (12 replies)
... Im no stranger to surgery, I've had 8 with 3 of them being on my spine since2007, plus countless epidurals, trigger points and prolotherapy. ... (3 replies)
... but while skiing, the pain got worse and worse until I felt nauseous. ... (0 replies)
... I was sent home on Hydrocodone 10 and Somas. ... (2 replies)
... Degeneration of the spine actually starts in our twenties. If everyone had a MRI at age 50, most would show some sort of herniation. No one's back looks "perfect" by the age of 50. And the majority of those people would not have any symptoms and would be shocked to learn there was anything "wrong. ... (14 replies)

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