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... I recently have had a sore lower back. In fact, it is one vertebrae causing the trouble, or at least it feels that way. It is the one located on the bottom of the dip on my back, about 3 or 4 from the tailbone. It will cause a quick shot of pain if i bend wrong or lift with my back. ... (1 replies)
... Just checking in to see how you all are doing. Im pretty sore this morning but its my own fault. My husband works for Honda and yesterday the company rented 6 flags for the employees and their families. All the walking about killed me. ... (130 replies)
... I am a 22 year old mom with three little ones. For the past four and a half months I have been to the doctor with pain in the middle of my ribcage and pain under my right rib cage in front. THey ruled out my gallbladder. All my blood work has come back normal from ER panels. ... (7 replies)

... My upper back, shoulders, ribs and neck are pretty much constantly sore to the touch and have a ton of knots. ... (2 replies)
... I am new to this site and I am hoping I can get some information. ... (5 replies)
... If you had a UTI, it may have progressed to a kidney infection. That also causes pain in the same areas. I just went through this and that's what it was. Have your doctor run another urinalysis and it may be that you need a stronger antibiotic. ... (7 replies)
... and have a horrible aching pain deep in my right buttock that runs down my leg, and also hurts my lower back. This pain is THE WORST when I sit for an extended period of time. And being in college, with lectures, I sit for long periods of time a lot. ... (1 replies)
... I had PLIF May 22 and I am doing really good I think. I am not walking as much as I should because it is just so hot here. I have gone to the mall, grocery store and such to get my walking in though. ... (6 replies)
... tenderness in my lower right pelvic area. I am awaiting the results of my MRI. I use to sleep on my left side to relieve some of the pain at night but now this is often not helpful. ... (9 replies)
... And I can really relate to everyone who says they are scared. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. I do appreciate it. This injury happened while I was passing a seven foot plank down to a level on the ship below me. I was bent over forward and before I let go of them plank the person below me pulled the plank down from my hands. ... (10 replies)
... hmmmm, your symptoms just don't match up overall very well with a spine problem from what you've further described. If it were a spine problem, the pain wouldn't move from your mid back to your arms after a year went by, nor would your ribs be sore to the touch. ... (10 replies)
... I'd say what you're feeling sounds "normal" ... at least it's the same as my experience was. ... (5 replies)
... Hi. I have swelling around my surgery when I lift anything, It looks like a softball smacked me in the back, My tail bone hurts like crazzy if I sit on it . As far as swelling around it , I dont know ? ... (46 replies)
... I am 29 and Female. I have been under a great deal of stress lately. I have been having some minor health problems that cause my mind to go to that dark place. ... (5 replies)
... I don't have this all figured out either. It's terrifying and I'm with you on wanting to get stronger so I can protect my disc. ... (7 replies)
... I'm in my late 30s now and have had back and neck problems since my teenage years. ... (4 replies)
... I'll try to make a long story short. ... (5 replies)
... My back is still swelling 1 and a half years after surgury. ... (46 replies)
... Has anyone experienced severe burning pain in the back? ... (4 replies)

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