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... I find myself getting back fatigued easily during the nights. ... (11 replies)
... thanks alot Carol with your help!!! this is great!!,but I'm having theropy for agrrophobia and anxiety that I'm just about giving up on anything more.A lad in his 30's should be living his life to the full not just exsiting for his family (7 replies)
... Welcome to the boards! My hubby is almost 45 and he has arthritis in his mid to lower back. He has been told by dr's that is why he wakes and is stiff a while. He does loosen up after a breif period like maybe 30 minutes at the worst. I would say go to a spine dr. ... (7 replies)

... free life! However, I have severe stiffness the moment I get into bed. I literally can only move my arms and legs while laying or sitting in bed. My back gets so stiff and tight that I can barely move at all. ... (4 replies)
... Yes. I couldn't agree more that one has to take care of back pain. I was a nationally ranked table tennis in my country. Got my back injured due to excessive strain. ... (7 replies)
... I feel like I can hardly get out of bed. My back is stiff and achy. After I move around for a while it does get better, but recently it is coming back as the day goes on. Also lately my lower and mid back have been aching a lot. ... (5 replies)
... I started to have the same problem 6 years ago when I got married, bought a new bed and started sharing the bed with the other half. Seven days after sleeping on the bed I suprisedly found myself unable to bend forward immediately after getting out of the bed. ... (16 replies)
Back issues
Apr 7, 2011
... The next morning the back was so stiff I couldn't even get out of bed. ... (3 replies)
... sore until I moved around and got loosened up I thought I was starting to have back problems. Our mattress was a good one and not that old. ... (7 replies)
... with a bad posture. Fortunatey with the advent of computers for the past 5 yrs now I have better posture at work. Anyway the damage was done and now I am really stiff in the morning to the point where I have to roll sideways out of bed. Its only after a hot shower that I can feel close to normal. ... (16 replies)
... Usually when I feel this pain, I'm lying in bed. Sometimes it's bad enough that the pain wakes me a few times in the night. My arms and legs feel very stiff when I get out of bed in the morning. I believe that I have symptoms of 'fibromyalgia. ... (11 replies)
... About a week ago, I went to bed, woke up the next morning and had a stiff neck. Now, most mornings when I wake up, my neck feels pretty stiff, except this one didn't go away and has persisted for a week now. ... (2 replies)
... it is convex, and we can't sleep toward the center and sleep on an angle. We both sleep on the edge of the bed as that is where the bed forces us to. We contacted the group we bought it from within 2 weeks of buying it. They sent an unbiased mattress inspector to the house. ... (14 replies)
Lower back pains
Dec 5, 2003
... im 29 and the last year or so i keep getting lower back pains where my back becomes stiff i cant bend stand or sit i put this down to pulling a muscle or something it use to last a week and happen every few months. ... (10 replies)
... paracetamol. Things just got worse. Getting out of bed became agonising. ... (1 replies)
Stiff neck
Oct 1, 2010
... Hi, for a few weeks now i have been suffering from what i think is a stiff feels like i have tense muscles that go from the back of my neck to possibly my shoulders. i have a few theories on what may have caused this. the one i keep coming back to is the way i sit while watching tv. ... (0 replies)
... which after his birth is when my story begins. I had lower back stiffness as a teenager in high school but after having my son my pain made it hard for me to stay in one position at night sleeping for very long. ... (3 replies)
... Is it just bed or after sitting for any certain amount of time? ... (34 replies)
... Amazing how fast perspectives can change. Twenty four hours ago, I was only mildly concerned about my back pain that started on Saturday when I simply got out of my car. I no longer worried that I was a walking horror story with a crushed spine or herniated disc. ... (7 replies)
... I talked with my mom and dad today and they told me back problems run in the family. I spoke with my dad and told him about the pain between my legs and he told me he had to have surgery on his back twice. ... (1 replies)

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