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... Goodmorning and welcome. I am 13 days post operative for the treatment of the grade 1 spondylolisthesis of the L5S1 with bilateral pars defects. ... (522 replies)
... If you have had back pain for many years I would definitely suggest going to your doctor. Prolonged back problems do cause sciatica. ... (11 replies)
... If you have had back pain for many years I would definitely suggest going to your doctor. Prolonged back problems do cause sciatica. ... (11 replies)

... OMG, I really understand your pain. The same exact thing happened to me during my discogram. They accidently hit a nerve and it caused severe pain down my right leg. I screamed and nearly jumped off the table. They had to hold me their until I calmed down. ... (12 replies)
Fusion scheduled
Aug 12, 2003
... problems with siactica prior to surgery. I did so much research prior to this surgery and I am very aware that fusion surgery does not guarantee that you will be pain free. However, their is hope that my nerve may repair itself. I am also hoping that I will be buttock pain ... (30 replies)
... Husker~ Tony gave you his impression. Now here is mine..... At L1-L2, L2-L3~ Central canal which is the conduit that runs the entire length of the spinal cord and contains CSF (the spinal fluid) and the Neural foramina which is where the nerves run through the opening from the spinal cord are all patent (open). At L3-L4 there is mild (low in intensity) increase in... (10 replies)
... I am 50 years old and have had back problems for the last 15 years. About 10 days ago I was getting out of my desk chair and my back went out. The most pain I have ever encountered. ... (19 replies)
... Any sciatic nerve root pressure, or is it deteriorating discs? ... (27 replies)
... Hi friend, Just wondering how you are doing with your thoracic problems. I also have a whack load of herniations. Cervical has been totally fused, thoracic has about 5 some with cord compressions. Look forward to seeing if you found anything out there to help you. I am desperate! (2 replies)
... I had a disco last week and yikes was it painful, I could not walk without pain for 3 days. Finally feel better now. Here are the results would surgery help my low back pain and severe leg pain? ... (3 replies)
... Back, Leg, Hip pain since 2008. Mild scoliosis that was only needed to be monitored as a child. ... (2 replies)
... signal diminished. Marrow end plate changes. Left foraminal DISC EXTRUSION compresses the exiting left nerve root in the foramen. Right neura foramen is patent. Central canal preserved. ... (0 replies)
... I have alot going on with my back besides the part that the Dr fixed. The burning of the nerves did take away my leg pain for about 6 months and that was a blessing as I was able to make it thru the holidays before I had surgery. ... (25 replies)
Apr 26, 2007
... are herniated, bilateral lateral foraminal stenosis, prominence of the left S1 nerve root. ... (10 replies)
Still undecided...
Jan 25, 2007
... I know just what you mean about being undecided. I have had back pain for alot of years. It would flare up and go away. I herniated a disk in 1999 and it never really healed right. About a year ago my pain never went away. ... (12 replies)
... L5 lamin. and bilateral microdisc. in Nov. of 2004 and a repeat microdisc. ... (18 replies)
... except I had severe carpal tunnel . I just had surgery 2 years ago and had a full release done on both hands. They are trying to say the numbness in my hands and pain in my arms are from the cts.I know what cts feels like, I suffered with it fo 3 years b4 the release operation. I had o symptoms b4 my accident. ... (3 replies)
... Posted this on the Pain Mgmt board, should have posted on Back Pain board. This is my moms MRI report... ... (3 replies)
... n in bed. Just slept on my back for a couple years. Finally I went to a different doctor after refusing to believe there was nothing in there. It was like a bone pain and disc pain all in one.I also had a fusion for scoliosis when I was 17 from T1 to L1 but that's besides all this. ... (1 replies)
... May prior to my surgery. I had three levels tested. I cried and screamed like a baby through out the test. When they did the procedure they had accidently hit a nerve that sent shooting and burning pain down my whole right leg. I screamed and nearly jumped off the table they had to hold me down till a calmed down. ... (4 replies)

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