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Advice needed
Sep 27, 2003
... O'girl stated you should get more testing as the longer you suffer with nerve pain the more risks of the nerves become permanently damaged. PT is physical therapy, it took me awhile at first to understand some of the abbreviations to. ... (12 replies)
... What do you do when you are in pain and you can't get past a receptionist? ... (11 replies)
... t lateral recess and left foraminal disc protrusion with results in moderate left neural foraminal stenosis. This posteriorly displaces the transitioning left L5 nerve root. There is also moderate facet arthropathy at this level. ... (6 replies)

... Ok, ive since gotten my report. I've also been in a nasty car accident.i kinda have bad luck. In the accident they brought me to the trauma center rather then reg hosp because they thought, the emts that is, that i punctured my lung due to my breathing and such swelling in the left side of chest. Emts were close, i fractured my sternum., however the trauma unit managed to miss... (21 replies)
... ake a long story short I had a MRI done and it revealed to me as follows and Im wanting some feed back to see if other people have had some silimar promble as my pain Dr. Is messing around with me and telling me its not that serious so please consider responding because I need some anwsers. ... (0 replies)
... Don't be surprised if she starts to complain of pain running down her leg. ... (17 replies)
... e than they expected, isn't it always, LOL. I had 4 hours of surgery and I had a herniated disc repair, 3 bone spurs, stenosis, and a cyst that had irritated the nerve so bad it had built up scar tissue like a wall around it, and the wall was moving in. I had little back pain, but severe bilateral leg pain prior to the surgery. ... (38 replies)
... The report indicates there is no nerve compression. ... (8 replies)
... S1 Grade 2 spondy, too...and I also have severe bilateral foraminal stenosis and DDD. My neurosurgeon sent me right into physical therapy...which, unfortunately, did not help my situation... ... (20 replies)
... e arthristis I think that is in the joints. He told me that the surgery fixed the worst and unpinched the nerves. The big question was when the buttock and leg pain hurts did the pain meds help or not. The meds did help and he said if they did not it would be nerve pain. ... (28 replies)
Lower leg pain
Sep 7, 2005
... I feel your pain ,my heart goes out to you.Last November I was standing and wham,I had sharp pains in my right calf.It felt as if some one had stabbed it with a thousand knifes. ... (8 replies)
Spinal fusion due!
Sep 26, 2003
... Welcome to the Healthboards. I had a two level fusion with infuse. I am only 3 months post op and still have pain but the back pain is finally starting to ease. I am still suffering with muscle and nerve pain but that could take several months to heal if not permanent. ... (19 replies)
... Here is my problem...I got my emg results...and there were two parts to it...First, nerve condoction studies in both lower extremities were normal.. ... (1 replies)
... I have had nerve pain in my right leg and upper spine back pain with numbness and weakness in my arms. My neck is sore. This is the MRI. Can someone let me know what this mean's. ... (0 replies)
... ething like a disc herniation or bulge in the cervical area that is pressing on a spinal nerve. In early stages, or if there is a little bit of instability, the pain can come and go. It can be on one side or the other, depending on where the disc is damaged. ... (2 replies)
May 20, 2008
... surgical treatment of nerve pain? ... (9 replies)
Laminectomy L4-L5
Aug 18, 2006
... At 3 weeks I was in a deep depression, wondering if I would ever ambulate without pain and be independent again. Driving at 3 weeks? ... (5 replies)
... a turning lane at a complete stop and i was hit at a high rate of speed.well lets say that my car looked worse then me at that time.but within days i felt severe pain in my back and i went to the doctors and ordered xrays and mri' make a long story short ..i had grade 2 spondylolisthesis..scoliosis.. ... (2 replies)
Sep 26, 2003
... hello fellow spondy's Ive had my spondylolisthesis for at least 25 years - its still a 1st grade - in fact comparing old xray to new mri there has been no further slippage - & i've gone through 2 pregnancies & had 2 large babies with no problems Now - finally ! I'm beginning to have nerve pain in my feet probably from pressure in the area where I have 'moderate bilateral... (43 replies)
... hing about the Elavil. I take that medication every night, and it was not prescribed for depression for me. Elavil also known as Amitriptlyline, is also used for nerve pain. Because of having chronic pain some people also develop insomnia. Elavil is also prescribed to help you sleep. ... (13 replies)

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