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... L5 being herniated and a bone spur on L4. MRI is scheduled for 26 Dec. He recommends pain pills if possible. ... (2 replies)
... Hi! I also had a bone spur on my original xray at the onset of my pain. A bone spur is a growth to try and cover up underlying problem. ... (17 replies)
... ray done on your foot to see if you have bone spurs. ... (23 replies)

... S1 in the past. Your screws have come loose and you have not fused...meaning the bone has not grown together sufficiently for the fusion to link L5 to S1 in a strong, stable fashion. ... (1 replies)
... er sign of arthritic and degenerative changes in the lumbar spine. This can cause instability of a spinal segment, which can result in nerve compression, or the bone spur itself can encroach upon a foraminal opening and cause a stenotic situation...which results in nerve compression. ... (4 replies)
... ty as I had NONE and my back was absolutely killing me. I was from doctor to doctor and noone believed that I had something other than disc pain. I had MRI's and bone scans and nothing showed. ... (7 replies)
... Yeah...seems like all its pretty good. I don't have a follow up appointment from the CT though. Hopefully it's something he will talk to me on the phone about. I'm guessing the bi lateral sacral injections are because that is where my pain it's the worst. I know the MRI stated that the sacral nerves were impacted by the thecal sac issue. I know he is also going to put me on a... (40 replies)
... inquire about the exophytic bony excrescence. I think it is some bony overgrowth...bone growing beyond the disc space area...which I guess would be similar to a bone spur. ... (40 replies)
... ray and CT scan showed the bone spurs, as well as broken hardware. ... (2 replies)
... I have had a bone spur removed that totally failed that filled my foot with scar tissue twice and now noone will help me , again remove the scar tissue.... ... (16 replies)
... First off welcome to the boards. To answere your question yes the spur can grow because of the degeneration. I have DDD in L4 and L5 with a buldging disc and I also have bones spurs. My surgeon to absolutley STAY away from chiropractors. ... (7 replies)
... Other than disc problems, bone spurs are the most common type of spinal problem that affects the nerves or, above the L1 level, the spinal cord itself. ... (4 replies)
... I went to a hip specialist with what I thought was progression of my labrum tears diagnosed in 2013. He took an X-ray and after listening to symptoms says he suspects lower back disk issues, not hip. he advised MRI and go to a back specialist. I went to my chiropractor who looked at the X-ray and suspects bone spurs and arthritis in l4/l5. I seem to have a few weeks... (1 replies)
... screws in there. They put in a BMP which is a bone growth stimulator to help the bone fuse faster. I think they removed or fixed the bad facet joint. ... (17 replies)
... My MRI showed that I also have bone spurs on the vertabra and they are displacing the L4 nerve root. I also have severe DDD in L4 and L5 with a buldging disc so I can really understand the pain that you are in. I am on Bextra it helps some but not much towards the end of the day. ... (5 replies)
... Hi SoCalMan (and others), If you're anywhere near Los Angeles, I highly recommend Dr. Mark Cornett... he is a non-force chiropractor that does this technique called "Precision Muscle Balancing." It's painful - he digs around on your back and removes scar tissue. But it works. It has been nothing short of a miracle for me. I was scheduled to get ARD last summer, and... (35 replies)
... Welcome to the board. You can treat the symptoms, but without specifically what is the pain generator, it probably won't have any long lasting effects. Many people you have been troubled with hip pain or hip bursitis, often end up having an "issue" at L4-5, including my mother-in-law, who had been treated for a number of years for bursitis. I watched her walk and suggested... (1 replies)
... Rays. And yeah, having spinal surgery will be considerably different than the other bone issues you have dealt with. ... (2 replies)
... I cut and pasted Occam's name. Not my spelling error, can't take credit for it :) (16 replies)
... I have been consulting with surgeons about my stenosis, which comes from a bone spur, a synovial cyst, and some pressure on my sciatic nerve root where it exits the foramen. These things are on the left side at the L4 and L5 areas. ... (2 replies)

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