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... I can tell you what my brace fitting was like, but I don't know if there are other ways to do it, too. ... (8 replies)
... Thanks for your emails and messages asking about the brace fitting. ... (8 replies)
... Do they measure for the brace or do they take a cast of your body? ... (8 replies)

... Hey everyone, Sorry for the delay in posting a progress report but this last week has really been on a whirlwind since I picked up the new brace a week ago yesterday. The brace is much worse than I possibly imagined and much worse than my Doctor described. ... (8 replies)
... Doctor's office also called and told me that after I am fitted with my new brace my Doctor wants to see me to check the fit and to go over some thing with me so it looks like my life is going to change big time in just a few short hours. ... (8 replies)
... Back from my appointment with the brace people yesterday and OMG, now I am really starting to get nervous about this whole thing. ... (8 replies)
... I have noticed that when I sit down my brace tends to ride up and puts more pressure on the chin and head piece of the neck brace and is uncomfortable, any suggestions there? ... (8 replies)
... ave described is actually a modified TLSO but instead of stopping at your collar bone like a traditional TLSO, yours sounds like it has a "Minerva" type cervical brace attached to the top to immobilize your cervical spine from C1 to T1. With your type of surgery, I think your doctor has prescribed EXACTLY what you need. ... (8 replies)
... t, but had to wear it every day for 3 long months. She was old when she had the surgery and when she came home from rehab, I used to go get her up and in to the brace each morning. ... (8 replies)
... My brace was a twice piece like a turtle shell but I wasn't cast in it. They just took measurements and came back with the brace. ... (8 replies)
... You're in our thoughts and prayers. I had a fusion 6 weeks ago but my brace is much simpler than the one you are describing and I don't have to wear it sleeping. ... (8 replies)
... i just had fusion with plates, screws last tuestday on c5 thru C7. I have a hard neck brace on. That is the worst part. It is digging into my shoulders and back of my head and that is causing the worst pain. I think it is too big and the Doc. ... (9 replies)
... L5 with an anterior approach. The neurosurgeon said there was no brace fitting and I will be in hospital a week he said. ... (22 replies)
... Nancy: I wore men's undershirts under my brace. They were inexpensive and I could change them out daily. Mine was from my upper chest down to my sacral area - I guess it was a version of a TLSO (it was a long time ago). (8 replies)
... me across your message here and wanted to wish you Good luck on your upcoming surgery and your recovery! I know exactly what you are going through with the CTLSO Brace as I was in one just like yours for almost 4 months last year after a horseback riding accident. ... (8 replies)
... Nancy, I will also have you in my thoughts and prayers and I know you will make it through it just fine. I had that type of brace but not with the cervical attachment but when my surgery finally got here the doctor told me I didn't have to wear it. ... (8 replies)
... Best thing to wear under the brace is a soft t-shirt, preferably without seams. You don't want the plastic right against your skin. It will chaff and you'll get sore. To bra or not to bra. That is the question. It's totally up to you! Whichever way is more comfortable. I sometimes wore one and sometimes didn't. Yes, big changes, but all for a good reason! Be... (8 replies)
... read my post on the brace fitting thread. ... (13 replies)
... shirts as any folds or wrinkles under the brace will become uncomfortable very fast. ... (21 replies)
... months he informs me, and this is the part I am most concerned with. He said I would need a turtle shell type body jacket with a neck brace attachment. ... (13 replies)

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