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... ray room, etc etc. Later that day, I really regretted that decision. After my entire back locked up on me in the middle of the night, I have never been the same. ... (1 replies)
... Please offer some hope...anyone who has gone through this... I am 39 years old, used to exercise regularly until this unbearable pain came on, and do not need to lose weight to help with my problem. ... (11 replies)
... I was diagnosed with 3 bulging discs in Aug. ... (2 replies)

... The nerves in his spine were compressed by this. He has really bad pain, it effects not only his back, but also he has pain in his neck,hips,legs,feet,arms and chest. Is this common? ... (0 replies)
... I'm 26 years old. When I was around 20 I started having serious pain in my legs every day. ... (1 replies)
... One of the symptoms I had besides electric shock down my legs and stabbing in my feet....I'd get a pin like stab around my belly button at the same time I'd get a jab in my foot. ... (2 replies)
... Diagnosed in 2003 after MRI's with degenerative disc disease, cervical and lumbar spondylosis, moderate stenosis, 4 bulging discs lumbar and 4 cervical with spurs. ... (12 replies)
... Disc hydration refers to the amount of fluid in your disc. It doesn't sound like you have DDD if all the discs are of normal heighth and aren't dehydrated. ... (4 replies)
... I have major swelling in my sacroilliac region in my back which just gets worse with any activity. I fell about a month ago and have since been diagnosed with DDD. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, everyone! I am a new member and wanted to get some feedback from people who may have been in a similar situation. ... (12 replies)
... I am just struggling like heck with the different pains after this ALIF surgery! I have problems when I walk....It's a pain that comes on Suddenly, and will catch me, and almost make me fall! ... (9 replies)
... The pain in the lower portion of my back. It sometimes is off to the right and into my Rt buttock into my upper thigh. ... (58 replies)
DRX9000 Yes or No?
Jun 12, 2006
... hello Maverick,everyone,see alot have back troubles here,might as well add my stuff in too.first off,I had laproscope in L5S1 in 1995,was successful after sciatic was compressed.Reinjured last year,since then been a disaster. ... (79 replies)
... Where is the pain in your back and legs? ... (58 replies)
Back Fusion
Sep 17, 2003
... Welcome to the Healthboards. I can definitely relate to your pain as I suffered for many years. I was sent directly to a neuro surgeon's office for my chronic pain as they also have pain management. I had the series of three ESI's which gave me no pain relief. If anything they just increased my pain levels. ... (9 replies)
... S1 with left neutral foraminal narrowing. I have pain no matter what I do. It gets very unbearable walking though. It seems to be in all areas of my back. If I sleep on my right side I wake up with numb right leg. ... (11 replies)
... not even a back brace, just a "have a nice day, bye now". I also have a slight scoliosis. In 2011 I had excruciating pain like migraine accompanied by neuralgia symptoms that left me totally debilitated and I could not even bear to touch my scalp. ... (8 replies)
... pedic surgeon I saw today is supposed to be a spine specialist. My MRI's did not include the SI joint. After he looked at my MRI's and xray's, he had xrays taken in his office of my neck and pelvic area. He then came and started twisting me up like a pretzel. ... (13 replies)
... The pain is only in my lower back and glutes. I've never had pain in my legs. The pain I get in my glutes is sort of an itchy pain, and it feels like it's really deep down in the muscles. ... (23 replies)
Night pain
Nov 22, 2008
... S1 fusion, and 2 laminectomies between the end of 2003 and the end of 2006. An MRI in 2007 showed that all discs in the lumbar were bulging, and a discogram pinpointed the problematic one, although I don't remember now which one that was. ... (3 replies)

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