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... S1 area of my spine... ... (5 replies)
... I've had the same issue since surgery in July. I have nerve pain in my left foot, 2 level fusion done on right side. ... (3 replies)
... Hi All! I don't usually post here, but I have been lurking for the past week or so to see if I can find any answers in previous posts. ... (2 replies)

Jul 19, 2006
... my husband had 4 herniations in the lumbar. from what we were told they herniated out both sides. alot of DDD along with it. the neurosurgeon told him he didn't feel he needed a fusion at that point but probably would in the future. that was in nov of 2004. ... (3 replies)
... I had to run to an appointment yesterday so I didn't see your question until now, but what happened was I started experiencing pain in my neck, upper back, shoulders, between my shoulder blades, and down my left arm, and horrible headaches. ... (26 replies)
Needing new Dr.
Apr 3, 2006
... I am in real need to find another Doctor, I am having real problems and I think that my Ortho is not addressing some real issues. ... (2 replies)
... Thank you for your story, it helps to know others stories and that I'm not alone in feeling pain like I do on a daily basis. ... (6 replies)
... Hello everyone I havent been on in a while since it is very painful to sit at this computer more than 10 minutes. ... (6 replies)
Shoulder problem
Jan 7, 2006
... The lump on your shoulder would suggests an AC joint injury from the knowledge I have of it anyway. But guess your doctor will know more when he gets the MRI. ... (8 replies)
... ave been taking it for 5 days and I find that it makes me a bit nauseous. I am also taking some dilaudin occasionally so I am not sure which is really giving me the side effects. ... (8 replies)
... Insurance onlys pays for me to see drs in this state,Not sure if I can tell you where that is or not.Glad you told me It was illegal too lol.... ... (24 replies)
... Thank you injured betty for your reply, it was helpful and now I have an understanding of some of the words I wasn't sure about. ... (5 replies)
... I have had many back problems over the years, but I am having it in the same area as you now! ... (6 replies)
Nov 30, 2004
... ng on attending college next year. I want to become a physical therapist and be able to help other people with injuries, especially backs. I am concerned about the sitting in college and also if I do have another surgery like the ADR if I will be able to work as a physical therapist. ... (21 replies)
... on the positive side had a half good night but the wife is realy getting down at the mo , she has been great but i thk its all getting to her. ... (7 replies)
... S1 area and after lots of research and doctors, I decided to go into an FDA study and have the Maverick disc. This was 10 months ago. ... (13 replies)
... Thanks for the posts everybody. It really helps to talk to you all. Yes I've been taking Neurontin ever since I had the surgery last March. Cant say it has helped much if at all. It's not as though I cant function. ... (7 replies)
... My heart goes out to all of you on this post. Most of my friends know about my pain and know it's pretty much constant every day. Most are very sympathetic but don't really get how bad it is. ... (22 replies)
... fusion or ADR. Are there other things that could help, I sure hope so as I am in the same situation as you. ... (2 replies)
To Lori J. HELP !
Jun 18, 2004
... my best friend went too, she has a phobia about storms, so if they are predicted, she won't leave the house. She definitely needs to see a psychiatrist! Anyway, the little one was running a fever after we were out about an hour. ... (52 replies)

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