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... I've had upper back and chest pain and have seen a chiropractor. ... (130 replies)
... I am hoping to get some advice and input concerning my problem. I have been experiencing a burning type pain under the breast area and also in the upper back area. I am wondering if this could be caused from bad discs in the back? ... (130 replies)
... upper back region. Believe me, I do the stretches, trigger point therapy religiously. Anyway, about three weeks ago, while in yoga class, I did something to my neck. ... (2 replies)

... I had an MRI last year which showed nothing except some disc dehydration in my lower back. I was given codeine which I've since replaced with Tramadol as the pain has gotten worse. I'm exhausted all the time for no reason. ... (8 replies)
... Has to be something. I am not putting to much faith in these tests the doctors run any more. ... (130 replies)
... law in florida who was diagnosed with cancer and felt I should aprreciate what I have, I do but hard. I hope I get some answers soon, new post in spinal cord forum, also pain in chest area I believe it said burning under breast ect.... ... (130 replies)
... it is your ulnar nerve in your arm? ... (130 replies)
... ical to yours as well. I have a herniated disc at c5c6 and c6c7 as well as t8t9. Neurontin did nothing for me except make me gain 30 extra pounds. I have pain in different parts of my chest at different times. My ribs also hurt sometimes when I lightly touch them. ... (130 replies)
... Don't want to be out of work long. Doc say shoulder problems can also cause alot of these symptoms in chest area. Of course can't wait to get rid of this pain. ... (130 replies)
... Get your doctor to write you a prescription to physical therapy. I am currently suffering from the exact same thing from painting & stressing that side of my body. I was bedridden since Nov. & lived on the couch with my heating pad or ice til 2 weeks ago. I've had 4 pt sessions & am not even taking one pain pill right now. This is not my first time in PT, 5 years ago I had... (2 replies)
... though it would give clues. I think I mentioned ankylosing spondylosis previously in this thread as it went along with alot of the symptoms some are experiencing here. Do a search on it and see. Also ask your Dr about it. ... (130 replies)
... Hello fellow thoracic chest and back pain sufferers. I have just returned from HSS in an effort to help identify our pain. I had a triple phase bone scan with a radioactive isotope, MRI of the thoracic spine and ct scan of the thoracic spine. ... (130 replies)
... neck as fast as he thinks I should or as much. I am afraid, I have to ask for refills on my meds, every doctor gives me a hard time. I am taking the bottles in to show him I do not abuse them. God knows I hate the stuff, but with out it I could not make it. ... (130 replies)
... inflammation. Then the same thing every single doctor has said "where there is inflammtion there is pain" which of course I already knew. So of course PT may be in my future again because have to try to get inflammation down. ... (130 replies)
... nk you for the info... I will for sure ask my PCP dr to send me for some updated tests and a new MRI.. I am just wondering now because this pain I initally had in my chest area a year ago. ... (10 replies)
... is only happens when I'm laying down at night! During the day, I know it's still there but not anything like when I'm lying down. I went to the Dr. and she did chest xrays and also xrays of my ribs and found nothing. She put me on a muscle relaxer and that as helped the day symptoms but the pain at night is still there. ... (0 replies)
... t today and was told the good news is I don't have fibermyalgia, but after reviewing the MRI of my back, he said I do have "very messed up disc's", and arthritus in my back. He said the leg cramps and bad pain and burning I am getting uncer the ribs and my side can also be from the disc's. ... (130 replies)
... The Chiropractor is doing the adjustments manually. He is not doing alot in the way of adjustments because he doesnt want to get the problem with my C spine flared up. ... (130 replies)
... Hi Everyone, Just dropping in to see how everyone is doing. I just finished reading everyone's posts. ... (130 replies)
... hi sammy,have you actually had an MRI done yet on your c and upper T spine? ... (130 replies)

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