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... it with him. But, I have to tell you all about my vacation last week! Went to Wildwood, N.J. for a week, and wasn't feeling real well when we left. I ended up in the emergency room with a bladder infection, our little dog got sick and we had to take him to a vet, and my sister's cap fell off of her front tooth! ... (130 replies)
... Just wanted to check in to see how you all are doing. Im still seeing the chiropractor. I go back to my Pain Mgmt Dr this week. ... (130 replies)
... chk, this may sound crazy but I honestly can't remember anymore, I did have an x-ray I believe on the cervical & part of the thoracic. I remember the day I went for my MRI was the best day I had in along time, & have not had one since, I thought Is this some kind of joke or something. Weird but it is true. I remember thinking gosh I hope this does not mean what ever is going... (130 replies)

... Like I said previously, I would not put too much faith in the MRI results. Sammy, have you had plain film xrays of your spine? ... (130 replies)
... Baybreeze good point, I am at my wits end, & if you ask the doctors about the MRI's always get the same respones, such as "MRIs" are very reliable, then you hear stories how people have had them done & nothing major shows so they live in pain & years later low & behold when MRI's are done again major problems are found, who knows I am confused over it all, wonder if ct would... (130 replies)
... CHK, The amount for visits do add up, they had me coming orginally 3 times a week, I made sure they went nice & easy with me or I got real sore. Like I said I heard people in that office that had tried so many things & swore by the chiro., but it is that kind of thing once you go you always got to go to get relief, gets expensive. Its worth it to get some relief but I just... (130 replies)
... CHK, I Went to Chiro. back in Nov-Jan, this particular chiro. was so close to what he found in the x-rays(believe or not) & exam,he pretty much told much of what the MRI showed, pretty impessive. I have of leg shorter then the other also, he said that is not uncommon, yours sounds alittle more serious, I did get some relief but had to go all the time & paid out of pocket,... (130 replies)
... al Short leg syndrome which has caused me to have scoliosis the full length of my spine. There are about 5 locations where it is compensating for the differences in the leg length and my pelvis is rotated. Put a lift in my shoe with 2 adjustments yesterday. ... (130 replies)
... CHK, I do the same, get very emotional, pain is stressfful on its own, throw everything else in there with it work, family ,life, I can be come overwhelmed by just thinking about dealing with some aspect of life. ... (130 replies)
... Hello everyone. Just checking in to see if anyone has found an answer to our pain. I am going to a Chiropractor this morning. Hoping he can at least do something to take the edge off. ... (130 replies)
... becoming more common for youner men, one came in a couple weeks after him, scary. I am scared of returning to work to soon but feel pressured. ... (130 replies)
... Nice to hear from you, Sammy. You may be right about it being National Vacation Week for doctors! I live in Delaware. Nice state with lots of doctors, but can't find one to help me. ... (130 replies)
... Chab, I am being sent to rehab. doc, autoammune DX also brought up so maybe rhuematologist in future, leaving it up to rehab doc. for now. Other doc changed meds around so all messed up again. Pain, Pain, Pain. ... (130 replies)
... these are generally caused by the ongoing inflammation going on within the nerves at your herniation site.the nerves get inflammed and in turn start irritating the heck outta the muscles back there.that is what actually creates TPs. ... (130 replies)
... ams, thursday,everyone keeps asking if I am worried, no I need to get out of this pain, then maybe Ill worry about the ultrasound. I may have to lock the nuero in the room with me friday to get answers, almost feel desperate enough to do it. vicophren, that has a little anti inflammatory in it, does'nt it? ... (130 replies)
... MK, AMEN to that! Sammy (130 replies)
... the most a couple of hours before I take my night time drugs. Also and this sounds strange but try a teaspoon of cider vinegar for heartburn. I found that works! In 2003 I had a MRI of my C and T spine. It showed DDD and arthritis, nothing to cause any problems. I talked one of the docs into a Mylogram. ... (130 replies)
... eling this morning. Im going to try to go without it this weekend but if the symptoms get worse, I will restart it. At least then I would know that it is helping in some way. ... (130 replies)
... in. We are not all nuts nor are we hypochondriacs. We have real similar pains that doctors cannot figure out because there are not a heckuva lot of specialists in this pain area. ... (130 replies)
... from under the breast area, around to the middle back, then lower back, as well as the calf pain. Never stays in one place! I did try Lyrica as suggested by my neuroligist, but only took about 3 of them as they made me very dizzy. ... (130 replies)

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