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... ncerning good surgeons. Funny thing, my husband had a ruptured disc that caused a pinched nerve about 12 years ago. He was lucky enough to find a good man here in Delaware and was operated on, and hasn't had a bit of trouble since then. Amazing how some people do so well and others don't after surgery. ... (130 replies)
... I apologize for the long post; I did not realize it was so long, and I promise I will not do that again. Sorry, moderators; in the future I will make my posts shorter. Thanks (130 replies)
... You will find that alot of us here don't put much value in the shots as we have found that they don't do alot of good. They tend to be more of a band aid type of fix than anything else. ... (130 replies)

... h any given MRI report you also have to consider that they are only as good as the person who is doing the reading.even docs can blow off certain things they see in the hard films as "not a pain generator"if they just do not fully understand the level of what a particular finding truely means. ... (130 replies)
... MKA..thanks for are so right! I think most doctors, unless they are very highly qualifyed in their field........don't know what to do with a patient like me and you. I did have a epidural shot, as well as trigger point injections in the neck..... ... (130 replies)
... I was having a heart attack. It was scary! I got up and took an ibuprophin, and was able to go back to sleep. But, I called my family doctor and was able to go in and have an ekg done. He said it was fine, but wants me to have a stress test next week. ... (130 replies)
... Welcome to the board. I have that exact pain. I had a herniated disc and surgery for it in Feb. and that pain got worse after! I just had an injection Friday. So, I don't have great advice for you, but I have some sympathy! ... (130 replies)
... ars but no pain down my legs or anywhere else besides back and vagina. Until after I had my baby. It wasn't immediate, maybe 6 months after I started having my chest muscles get tight. Prob from carrying my 20lb baby in a car seat. Then after painting a ceiling and doing xbox dance game it just went down hill. ... (11 replies)
... will bring it up next visit if nothing shows in MRI, as for blood work I was already told that if more was done it would be done by a rheum. doc. which they have not referred me to as of yet. ... (130 replies)
... he has the answers right in the file. ... (130 replies)
... Sammy, you mentioned about wearing a bra...which I hate to wear myself, but I found some really nice sports bras in a magazine I received in the mail. I got a couple as they are really cheap, and also bought one with magnets sewn in the back part. ... (130 replies)
... lf because you know your going to pay for it later. I am sure your kids enjoyed you getting on some rides with them, though. I have had a few cervical epidurals in the past, and even though they didn't take the pain away completely, they did ease it. ... (130 replies)
... Spine area, and was told in 2003 that I have a 13 degree Scoliosis with a 13 degree curvature in my spine. ... (130 replies)
... said it is time for you to go in a rest NOW, HA!, funny I did everything in the old house and it was just fine. ... (130 replies)
... Sammy, sounds encouraging that maybe its a step in the right direction. ... (130 replies)
... informative DR. Told him why I was there, right off the get go he said he could see I was in alot of pain, said it always shows in the eyes. DR. ... (130 replies)
... in your first post you stated that 'nothing could be found' as the possible trigger for your pain,but in this last one you mentioned herniated discs within your neck? ... (130 replies)
... I am 33, married, and up until last December very active. I was driving home one evening and both my upper back and lower back began burning. It kept getting worse and worse until it literally felt like something caught on fire in me. ... (18 replies)
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Aug 5, 2003
... crackling. All of which happen in my thoracic and cervical areas. I don't have much lumbar problems except my pelvis aches once in awhile, I have had my pelvis feel as if something went out a few times, really scary stuff, can't move for a minute. ... (3 replies)
... Well I got my report today from my recent and first ever triple MRI. I am reading it and it looks normal in most parts. I don't understand all the medical words. It looks like I have a few problems.. ... (2 replies)

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