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Numb Leg
Jan 12, 2004
... My right outer thigh was going numb for years when standing for about 30 minutes. ... (5 replies)
... This sounds like you might have a problem in your lower back that is causing compression of a nerve....possibly the sciatic nerve, but could be a different one. I would advise you to see an Orthopedic Spine Specialist (my favorite) or a Neurosurgeon. This doesn't mean you need surgery, but only that you are being seen by someone who best knows how to evaluate test results... (2 replies)
... I suffer from extreme burning in my buttocks and down my left leg on the outer parts.. At night my legs feels numb and like Ived touched an electric fence.. MRI does show posterior central disc protrusion at l5 s1.. ... (2 replies)

Numb Leg
Jan 16, 2004
... Hi Cuc2u: Well.....the dreaded Meralgia Paresthetica. The way you were describing your symptoms, I kind of figured you might have MP..... I'm glad the doc was able to diagnose you. But the question is, what is being done to help you out with it? I had numbness AND burning. The doc offered Neurontin to me. I couldn't take that drug.....caused me to be way to... (5 replies)
Numb Leg
Jan 15, 2004
... Thanks for the responses here. I did go see my Dr and he came up with the same basic problem as you all have described: Lateral Femerol Cutaneous Nerve Syndrome (or MERALGIA PARESTHETICA) It is wierd and often feels like its burning, wet, or something touching me. This syndrome was described as occurring with obesity, tight clothing, or other nerve pressures cause by,... (5 replies)
... This caused my right leg to be completely numb. I was told that the numbness would go away. At this time I was also told that I might experience a burning sensation in my foot. About 2 weeks after surgery, I had regained enough feeling in my leg so that I could walk. ... (4 replies)
... Usually, that kind of pain is a burning feeling that goes down the leg. ... (2 replies)
... ist or it pulls all the way down my leg, Doc says I have no achilles reflex in my right leg....EMG confirmed this as well... last three toes on my right foot are numb and my toes and foot ache terribly..... ... (8 replies)
... Although my back is feeling much better, and I am getting stronger every day, I have noticed NO change in my numb leg. It was numb to the knee before the surgery, and immediately after the surgery it was numb to my toes. It is still weak, and I cannot really put weight on it. ... (3 replies)
... legs... cant bend at the waist or it pulls all the way down my leg, Doc says I have no achilles reflex in my right leg.... last three toes on my right foot are numb and my toes and foot ache terribly..... ... (8 replies)
... I posted to the smoking board, I don't think you saw it, it was a few days ago. I am really disapointed too about the leg pain. I thought after the surgery everything would be swell. ... (17 replies)
Why Wait?
Mar 5, 2007
... explained to me by the doctor tonight. I had 8 years of nerve damage, now the nerve is healing rapidly, but wow what weird stuff. First off the hypersensitive leg that if you just blew air on it I felt like razors across the leg. Bad right? ... (38 replies)
... S1 herniated disk that was 2.5 Cm. My leg was numb and calf felt like I strained it and had alot of burning. It did not go away and opted for surgery 3 months later. ... (3 replies)
... L5 disectomy. I was having pain down the left leg and buttocks. That has been somewhat corrected since the surgery. 3 days ago I woke up with the right leg numb all along the outside of my thigh. Talked to my doc and he didn't seem all that concerned about it. ... (5 replies)
... Randy I have experienced the same exact symptoms you are speaking of... I have had problems at L5-S1 for 9 months now... had Laminectomy/discectomy in June....pain returned.... and part of my symptoms are a burning, warm on fire type of feeling in my legs... and now I am starting to have upper back problems and experiencing it in my arms as well.... Please if your symptoms... (3 replies)
... nderful, but as good as I felt while in hospital, 4 days later started to have problems. My toes started getting numb, then last night no sleep, at the top of my leg joint, the pain was horrible, felt like a clothes wire wrapped around it and some one was screwing it tighter, today my leg and right foot are burning. ... (13 replies)
... legs. At the ortho last week he did that thing where he scratches down your legs at the same time to see which one feels different...well, it's always my right leg that feels more sensitive. ... (9 replies)
... Most of my back and leg pain has eased a bit. The only pain I am experiancing now is of course the incision pain, some back pain, and a lot of nerve pain in my lower left leg and foot. ... (7 replies)
... Hi all. I had a micro-d L5-S1 in March, 2001. Things were better for a while. After three months of feeling wonderful, things started happening again, but not as bad as today. (Well, there HAVE been some days)! NS says it is caused from disc space collapse at L5-S1. Docs won't give me any pain pills, but I have a few Lortab still, that I've been saving for my really... (10 replies)
... I also awoke from the surgery with leg pain. ... (5 replies)

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