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... lly is from the incision healing on the inside, although I have trigger points of pain that I can't stand to touch, he said it would go away, but if still in lot of pain next month he would inject a local around it, sure wish he woiuld have done that yesterday, sure hurts this morning. ... (190 replies)
... I have constant lumbar pain, burning and tingling. I also have the same issues in the bottom of my feet, is consistent with the degree of the symptons in my hips. I faxed the institute my mri's and nerve conduction study. ... (5 replies)
... I can totally relate to your pain....have had each and everyone of those symptoms for over a year now.... I don't have a collapsed disk... ... (10 replies)

Burning foot
May 31, 2004
... I normally get this at night, although a lot less now and mainly when I sleeep on my back. You could try sleeping on your side or elevating your feet by putting pillows under your knees which reduces the tension in the nerve hopefully. ... (3 replies)
... I am new the the boards. I just need to vent and would like to know what some of you out there think. ... (15 replies)
... fusion when I complained of S1 nerve pain, but that only lasted a few months and I chalked it up to my back readjusting to being back "in place". ... (1 replies)
... Hi just,yes I mainly get feet pain,bottom and tops of feet,toe area,heel,sometimes behind calf. ... (15 replies)
Burning sensations
Apr 14, 2010
... s1 herniated disc and spondylithiasis. I am now having an issue where the bottom of my feet will feel like they are burning and on fire. Is this part of the sciatica and how do I relieve it? ... (3 replies)
... Up till recently, my shins and tops of my feet had that prickly feeling. But now, that feeling has turned to actual pain both on the top and the bottom of my feet. My shins still are the pins and needles. ... (13 replies)
... Even though I fused in 6 months i had enormous burning pain from my hips to bottom of feet--its been 2 years and i still have it but not to the point that i was laying in bed crying my eyes out everyday--just remember they mess with your nerves during surgery--and neuropathic pain is a frequent and intense pain after surgery-- i actually have nerve damage at L5 plus abnormal... (22 replies)
... Lynne, I'm sorry he's still suffering so much. I had hardware removed last September, too, and have had burning in my feet since then that I didn't have before that. It seems pretty clear that there's nerve irritation and it takes a long time to calm down. ... (2 replies)
... I get burning sensations on the bottom of my foot. I also sometimes get a freezing cold sensation yet my foot isn't cold to the touch. I was told these are symptoms of nerve problems. ... (16 replies)
... area,more on right then left,and have you had after effects such as I mentioned? ... (0 replies)
... tingling from my buttocks down back of my legs may be both legs or intemittent from either legs and burning feet. I can't do prolonged standing or walking without my feet developing burning pain. ... (2 replies)
... like I said before my toes even curl under when I stand down on my feet to try to walk.... it just hurts so badly for my feet to touch the ground..... Its all I can do to walk on them.... I know I hobble or waddle around something terrible because of the way I walk because of the pain.. ... (16 replies)
... tingling from my buttocks down back of my legs may be both legs or intemittent from either legs and burning feet. I can't do prolonged standing or walking without my feet developing burning pain. ... (1 replies)
Heel pain
Feb 28, 2009
... It could be. I have multiple back problems and sciatic pain in both legs. Once last fall, I felt the pain in my left heel as well as the bottom of arch of my foot, which lasted about a week and then went away. I could barely walk. I was told that the sciatic nerve was the culprit. ... (1 replies)
... problems so it is similar! Here is what I wrote on another post. Let me know if this seems similar to you. ... (19 replies)
Foot Pain
Mar 20, 2005
... both feet. Cramping on the bottom of my feet, burning pain on the top, mainly the big toes, and feeling like my feet are on fire inside, and shooting pain to my feet. I hope you can figure out what's causing your foot pain. ... (3 replies)
Jun 1, 2007
... is always pinky toes and the side of your foot and the side of your thigh. ... (23 replies)

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