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... I've had lower back problems for several years and have been treated with epidural steroid injections with success over the last three years. ... (1 replies)
... Every so often I get sharp pains down my right side, normally just on the right side of my lower back. Lately these seem to be more frequent. It happens now not only when I bend over but if I am standing still doing nothing. ... (52 replies)
... Two weeks ago, I started having cramping pain in my legs and buttocks. I've tried everything to get rid of them, but nothing works. Stretches, meds, heating pad, walking.... ... (2 replies)

... I have very sharp pain across my lower back. I say it feels like I have knives stuck in it and someone is twisting them around. Then I have achy burning pain in my groin and hips. The pain radiating down my buttocks, legs, and into my feet is achy and burning, and sometimes feels electrical. ... (8 replies)
... It began with my stomach constantly churning and feeling weak. ... (0 replies)
... Do you have pain in any other part of your legs, back, buttocks, anywhere other then the back of your knee or calf? ... (16 replies)
... I am in need of some advice! ... (0 replies)
... Hey there back at ya fellow Texan..... I am in Austin....I can agree completely that the whole back thing is distressing and depressing.... I have been dealing with it for about a year now... ... (12 replies)
... tingling from my buttocks down back of my legs may be both legs or intemittent from either legs and burning feet. I can't do prolonged standing or walking without my feet developing burning pain. ... (2 replies)
Sep 23, 2004
... e affected the docs don't really know what is causing what at this point. I don't see the neurosurgeon til oct fifth, that is when we will discuss the neck plan of action for my neck. I am more that willing to hope if the neck is somehow responsible, that I will deal with the low back stuff. ... (11 replies)
... Was just wondering if anyone has experienced the same kind of pain I am having.... ... (16 replies)
Heel pain
Feb 28, 2009
... It could be. I have multiple back problems and sciatic pain in both legs. Once last fall, I felt the pain in my left heel as well as the bottom of arch of my foot, which lasted about a week and then went away. I could barely walk. I was told that the sciatic nerve was the culprit. ... (1 replies)
... Hey All! I was just sitting and thinking this morning about something... I had laid down on the floor because my back, hips, legs etc were hurting, burning, crawling, etc.. so badly..... ... (15 replies)
... ve had back problems since age 17 and never got my symptoms diagnosed till 2004. ... (7 replies)
... I know exactly what you are talking about... I experience the same kind of sensation.... mine happens anywhere from my hips...into my buttocks... and into my legs...into my feet... it feels like they are crawling... or buzzing... ... (7 replies)
... would try things to bring inflammation down, which is what the epidurals were supposed to do. I guess they may try them on a disk bulge. However, your symptoms of severe pain show that you apparently have a pinched nerve somewhere. Do you have pain, numbness or tingling in your hips, leg, buttocks, feet? ... (6 replies)
... ramps, numbness on my right toes, there was a burning sensation on my disc, like if it was boiling water, my hips would hurt as it my pelvis was splitting apart, buttocks pain, then I had the "cable pain" all along the back of my Right leg. ... (13 replies)
... I would appreciate if anybody who knows more than me about back problems,,,can help me. ... (9 replies)
... as it refers to worsening SI problems when the lamina, or portion is removed. I believe I fall into the category of "Failed back surgery" as well, because the surgery didn't resolve my problems. Being new to all of this, my worsening symptoms jive with the neurosurgeon's caution. ... (6 replies)
... I too was a part of the same study and can attest that the "Maverick Disc Replacement" was not successful. I had my surgery in Oct. of 2005 and I had relief instantaneiously but that was very short lived. ... (13 replies)

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