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... likely continuing to stretch the already damaged nerve irritating it further, the chiro always felt the tightness was muscle related when it was nerve related. In the remaining months before my surgery I stopped all that and had some of the better weeksI've had all year. ... (5 replies)
Hi Everyone!!
Jul 7, 2003
... SC...I have not had any facial symptoms at all. My pain is all in my lower back and legs. I know what you mean about patience. That has been a long, hard lesson for me to learn. I found out the hard way to never pray for patience. ... (9 replies)
... It all sounds way too familiar. For me I have pain across my back. I have knots of muscle pain around the incision and burning tailbone pain. Then a lovely added feature is the burning pain down my right leg. I have the sensation like someone is pushing down on my leg. It tingles. ... (16 replies)

... r very long, and I have perineal spasms that come on when I lie flat against sacral area or sit too long. I also recently developed plantar faciaitis, and sharp burning pains in groin area, as well as a feeling of having a burning belt half way around my waist on the right side. ... (9 replies)
... sciatic pain in my leg for 4 years and it is a burning pain, like my leg is on fire so it doesnt appear this is the same as you so you can rule out sciatic pain I think. ... (7 replies)
Looking for help
Aug 6, 2008
... I am new to the board, have been reading alot on here the last couple of weeks. Lots of information and great support. I have been having some problems with my back for about 2 years. It started with lower back pain, then had some tingling sensations down the outer thigh of my left leg. ... (2 replies)
... Finally got some sleep for 3hours last night but had terrible dreams about my leg and woke up sore, but the burning had stopped. The foot's been more painful than normal this morning, but no burning. ... (4 replies)
... Hi Mel, Freud would have a field day with me too...LOL Isn't there alot of money in dream analysis? ... (17 replies)
... one that it might aply to. This procedure may not be for everyone,and it may need to be replaced 20 years down the road never know I guess but it sure has turned my life around physically and emotionally in 48 hours. ... (8 replies)
... I have had chronic back problems for about 15 years, originally hurt my back picking up and carrying a measly 35 or 40 pounds, but did a dumb thing while doing it and twisted akwardly. ... (11 replies)
... years old Male, 6 feet, 195 pounds in good shape. ... (53 replies)
... Wow, it is great to see that so many of you have been able to manage your pain with PT or other forms of therapy. However, one thing that I think is important to not underestimate is the potential of permanent nerve damage. ... (8 replies)
... in. heel lift made that I wear in my shoe and I have been using it for about a month. ... (30 replies)
... to convey to you. I thought you were frustrated and that having to wait a long time for the EMG was a problem. I was trying to suggest some things you might do in the interim. ... (10 replies)
... I really doubt that anyone is going to be able to offer any help. Well, maybe, regarding pain meds, but the other is more of a vent.... ... (10 replies)
... pprox 2 weeks, then walked like penguin, then toddler til I graduated to looking like quasimoto. Electric knives stabbing, pain, legs buckling, shaking, atrophy in one leg, feeling of rosebush thorn branch stuck in my leg. ... (8 replies)
... Usually if you have a burning sensation somewhere....that is an indication that a nerve is involved. ... (15 replies)
... I am new here, but am looking for some information from others that may be in the same boat. I originally fracture L5 vertebra in January 2002. I had fusion surgery with a L5 disc replacement and laminectory and decompression in July 2002. 2 months later 1 titanium screw in my S1 broke... ... (2 replies)
... Most of my back and leg pain has eased a bit. The only pain I am experiancing now is of course the incision pain, some back pain, and a lot of nerve pain in my lower left leg and foot. It feels like its on fire most of the time and painful to touch. ... (7 replies)
... pain in my right buttocks, back of my thigh...calf...right foot and toes... ... (6 replies)

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