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... I have similar burning pains, have you had an Discogram yet? ... (1 replies)
... I do have the stabbing feeling in my buttcheek... ... (9 replies)
... Hi everyone. I recently found this site and it has been very informative and SUPPORTIVE. Here is my story though not nearly as bad as some that I have read. My whole story so bear with me, quite lengthy and I need to either vent or cry... ... (5 replies)

... Firstly, I'm 35 if that helps to clarify anything in my history lol. ... (7 replies)
... it has helped with the pain, I no longer have it. Most doctors will tell you it eventually goes away. I have had it going on four months now. It started with hip pain which after an MRI were tears in my spine. Good luck! If you find anything to rid yourself of it, let ME know! I had an active life before this. ... (9 replies)
... I am not sure how to describe it. I have a burning pain in my lower back over my sacrum. It feels like something is rubbing in there. It also has affected my hips I get pain in them at night in bed. I have the pain worse in back at times the pain will feel achy in my buttocks and travel down my leg. ... (4 replies)
... s1, and here I am back on the boards, and an ice pack on my back, and a missed night out with the girls because I can't stand that long without my back hurting. I was diagnosed with spondy, and had surgery. right after, and the last 2 years have been really good, more pain free days then pain. ... (6 replies)
... found Degenerative Disc Disease everywhere bone spurs and stenosis so he sent me to a neurosurgeon. I saw the neurosurgeon for a year and he treated mainly with pain medication and muscle relaxers and heat and then the burning in my left shoulder and scapular area become unbearable. ... (9 replies)
... Same here. I am hoping that it is temporary, but this kind of pain did not surface until after surgery. The pain I had in my right leg is gone, but I have a constant burning, tingling, aching pain in my left leg. It starts at my lower back and radiates to the left leg and foot. ... (15 replies)
... I've been coming to this forum for about a week now and have posted in the "depression" boards. ... (9 replies)
... Someone said in their post that MRI's, Myelograms etc... don't lie.... but do they tell the whole story of what is going on and causing pain? ... (8 replies)
... but if I now only have surgery next year isnt there a strong chance the burning pain will be with me forever? ... (522 replies)
... I need some help. I'm a 17 yearold male with Bilateral leg pain and numbness. ... (22 replies)
... fusion in January of last year. Since then I have had horrible nerve pain, I finally found out about 3 months ago that the artificial disc is pressing into my nerve root. ... (4 replies)
... I am just struggling like heck with the different pains after this ALIF surgery! I have problems when I walk....It's a pain that comes on Suddenly, and will catch me, and almost make me fall! ... (9 replies)
... L5 and that was AWFUL!!! My disc was ruptured though, not buldging. My NS said surgery immediately! ... (18 replies)
... rays and MRI's to confirm my condition. ... (8 replies)
Nerve Pain ???
Jun 25, 2005
... It did hurt a little, it was a bit uncomfortable when they insert the needles. I had my leg and arm done so I think it took maybe a half hour or a little longer, I think! ... (5 replies)
... Was just wondering if anyone has experienced the same kind of pain I am having.... ... (16 replies)
... Actually, I should clarify something. I do not have leg pain...but I do get sporadic numbing and tingling and sometimes a burning feeling in my leg and hip. ... (18 replies)

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