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... elp the weird headache feelings I was having, such as going to a chiopractor, and then the trigger point injections. My neuoroligist did say that the squeezing, burning pain at the base of my skull was indeed from the discs in the neck. ... (130 replies)
... Welcome mammy, wow you got your hands full, will add you to the list of others to keep in my prayers (with your permission). Thoracic outlet has been brought up but at this point ruled out for me. Over worked again this week end so got the whole pain in ribs/chest, back,arm & neck going on, would love to eliminate one by one off my list. Any of you experiance numbness in... (130 replies)
... arm and shoulder,upper back really hurt, can go up neck all the way to hip,all left side. ... (130 replies)

... Judy, just caught that part about waking up with burning, feels like like heart jumping around bi, I have had that also, except my heart will race like crazy, I have acic reflux, I try real hard not to eat at night, but yes feels like muscles are in spasm to, I hurry up and grab the rolaid compleate, scary feeling huh, wakes you up right out of your sleep. My sister in law was... (130 replies)
... muscle spasms, and I am thinking that I might have the same thing happening. At night I wake up with the feeling that my heart is jumping around, and I have the burning in the middle of my chest when this happens. Perhaps that is a combination of acid reflux happening along with a spasm. ... (130 replies)
... I just had to respond to this topic because this is the first place I have found someone who is experiencing the exact same upper back problems. ... (130 replies)
... thing it is good to have someone elses input. I ice like you would not believe, tried celebrex in the past couple times, no help there. Do you swell in the upper chest area also or in the upper torso at all? ... (130 replies)
... My GP did not want to do this test saying there is no way I would have this disease. My father had it and my brother has it. When it came back positive I knew I had AS. When you have a positive B27 gene with the presence of arthritis, you can pretty much assume you have AS. ... (130 replies)
... Welcome to the spiney board! Along with a bunch of other pain my upper back is messed up too. So far they haven't found a reason for the pain, but it's only been 5 years or so. ... (130 replies)
... then wait 2 wks to get back in. He asked do you think It is coming from the neck or the back? ... (130 replies)
... Cindy, My Neuro gave me no time to tell or ask anything, hopefully next appointment. I don't get why he would not ask for pt reports or anything. Maybe doing his own evaluation still seems weird. My doc says if he cannot explain pain after test it is pain management for me. That is not real encouraging about the dependancy of the MRI reports. I don't want to live years in... (130 replies)
... When I am having severe pain, my heart races too and I feel really anxious like I am having an anxiety attack. A couple of months ago I started having chest pains at work. My blood pressure was high, I was having palpitations and my heart rate was high. The Dr I work for sent me to the ER. ... (130 replies)
... Hello fellow thoracic chest and back pain sufferers. I have just returned from HSS in an effort to help identify our pain. ... (130 replies)
... ho was diagnosed with cancer and felt I should aprreciate what I have, I do but hard. I hope I get some answers soon, new post in spinal cord forum, also pain in chest area I believe it said burning under breast ect....Don't quote me tired, if interested for you all take a look under "new on board" thread. ... (130 replies)
... have a herniated disc at c5c6 and c6c7 as well as t8t9. Neurontin did nothing for me except make me gain 30 extra pounds. I have pain in different parts of my chest at different times. My ribs also hurt sometimes when I lightly touch them. My chest surgeon says my ribheads are not dislocated after a ct scan. ... (130 replies)
... bermyalgia, but after reviewing the MRI of my back, he said I do have "very messed up disc's", and arthritus in my back. He said the leg cramps and bad pain and burning I am getting uncer the ribs and my side can also be from the disc's. I kind of suspected he would say that, but was glad to hear I didn't have fibermylagia. ... (130 replies)
... and I hope this doctor finds an answer for you. As for an update on me.....I am still searching for answers. Finally had my appointment with a new doctor at a Back and Pain Management Practice. Nice man, gave me a through check up, and said he think he can help me. Then... ... (130 replies)
... I would.. b4 my first heart attack, my left shoulder was KILLING me.. they said this n that, nerve pain etc.. i would go and get it checked out by a cardiologist :) to be on the safe side :) (130 replies)
... Sammi, I feel so bad for you. I just can't imagine why you are having all that swelling in the rib and chest area. ... (130 replies)
... Oh my gosh, I have been on the other board and just poped in to take a look on the back board (been on spinal column board) I do indeed have some of those same symptoms, and more. Also been rushed to ER for cardiac work up, nothing, currently seeing neuro surgeon for first time tomorrow, after many doc's. My new doc believes may very well be herniated disc, really bad pain,... (130 replies)

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