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... weeks ago, I noticed a sudden burning pain in back of neck. ... (12 replies)
Failed back fusion
Oct 28, 2010
... As for the hand burning sensation that sounds like a neck problem. ... (2 replies)
Failed back fusion
Oct 28, 2010
... As for the hand burning sensation that sounds like a neck problem. ... (2 replies)

... Over the last 2 weeks a burning sensation started in my hands, over time it is now in my feet, thigh, stomach. Tonight I had burning near my elbow, ran my hand over my neck shifting a vertebrate and the burning went away. I am used to electrical shocking sensations. ... (1 replies)
... just uncomfortable burning sensation in the region of the fracture after some movements. There was aslo a kind of numbness in my lower abdomen. ... (3 replies)
... eing able to swallow and losing bladder controal and losing your balance and losing hot and cold sensations in your hands and feet, and losing memory, the indian burning sensation in your spine, the bowel disturbances either the the squirts or constipated, all you have is your own strength, and hopefully a good support system. ... (3 replies)
Pat G/ Questions
Feb 20, 2002
... I could barely move my neck without all the muscles spasming severely. I simply awoke a week ago Sunday with my hands all warm and burning. My hands and feet are usually ice cold. Then my neck started spasming. I've never had that happen before, so I've been all worried that another disk blew. ... (12 replies)
Severe Neck pain
Oct 1, 2009
... tingling going from my shoulders to my hands. I also have the burning sensation in the back of my neck. It hurts to hold my head down, to turn it, to look up, etc. I am getting very little sleep with no relief in sight. ... (1 replies)
Collar bone pain?
Jul 13, 2008
... I have very very intense collar bone pain on and off...a constant dull ache and then intense pain at times that will be so bad that I can't even open the car door or hold a bottle of water for more than a few seconds. I'm wondering if this could be connected to my back pain? I also have a burning sensation in my right thigh mostly (which is also the side that the collar bone... (0 replies)
... down my spine and some numbness in my hands as well as my feet so I've decided to go to the ER. ... (20 replies)
Lumbosacral pain
Mar 7, 2002
... mph. The impact knocked my car side ways a few feet .I was wearing my seat belt and had my hands on the wheel,my foot was slammed down on the brake my body was turned to the left facing away from the side of impact. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Egoat: I had L1-L3 fused in 1979 due to a fracture and had few limitations, besides the obvious mentioned by Icmiller. I had it refused in 1992 with new hardware replacing the harrington rods and again did very well. I did begin having some problems in 2000 due to the original fracture causing me to lean too far forward creating the domino effect and crushing the disks... (7 replies)
Surgery or NOT ?
Oct 31, 2013
... Hi. Thanks for your post. I have decided to seek second opinion from another neurosurgeon. In response to your questions 1) Neurological exam shows absent knee reflex. I have also loss of sensation in the base of my foot and toes but we cannot differentiate as to whether that is caused by the spinal nerve root compression or my symptoms from the auto-immune condition. 2)... (9 replies)
... I am still walking with a cane, having a falling sensation, having legs go rigid when walking, and burning sensations in hands and feet. I cannot walk across campus to teach my classes, have had to negotiate a medical leave, except for what I can do sitting down. ... (19 replies)
... began in my feet and my knees. Basically, I feel like I have sunburn. ... (15 replies)
... Changed PTs. Condition deteriorated. Began having upper back, neck, shoulder, left arm pain, both hands numbness and tingling. Sometimes it feels like Ive stuck the fingers of my right hand in a cobweb. ... (5 replies)

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