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... Hello fellow thoracic chest and back pain sufferers. I have just returned from HSS in an effort to help identify our pain. ... (130 replies)
... Hello Marcia and everyone! ... (130 replies)
... minimal disc bulge.Degenerative disc disease and spondylosis also noted in the cervical spine. Do you know if MRI reports specify how for down or what part of spine included in test? ... (130 replies)

... burning in my right side under my ribcage. Sometimes I also get the burning sensation on the left side. I do have a herniated disc in the lumbar region, along with bad disc's in the neck. My neck pops and cracks when I turn it different ways. ... (11 replies)
... I just had to respond to this topic because this is the first place I have found someone who is experiencing the exact same upper back problems. ... (130 replies)
... My GP did not want to do this test saying there is no way I would have this disease. My father had it and my brother has it. When it came back positive I knew I had AS. When you have a positive B27 gene with the presence of arthritis, you can pretty much assume you have AS. ... (130 replies)
... thoracic goes to rib area, chest pain, and back area ...usually shoulder blades. ... (130 replies)
... yesterday I went back to the Chiropractor and this time he did a cervical decompression. This was the first thing that I have actually noticed a difference. ... (130 replies)
... but epidural of that area showed no improvement whatsoever. I have seen diagrams showing what part of your body will be affected by which nerves and it coincided with the location of my ruptured disc. The question seems to be how should it be treated. ... (130 replies)
... Hi Sammy, I have had 5 MRI's for Ankylosing Spondylitis. I thought I was going crazy. One doctor told me it was hormones. The swelling is in the upper chest and ribs extending to my left shoulder and spine. I feel so much better when I ice and exercise helps me. ... (130 replies)
... Hi Sammy, Marcia, and all. Just dropped in to check the new postings. Sammy, you sure sound like you have lots and lots of pain, and I am sorry to hear that. Just the pain I have around the middle chest area and back, as well as now my calves is driving me crazy! ... (130 replies)
... I do indeed have some of those same symptoms, and more. Also been rushed to ER for cardiac work up, nothing, currently seeing neuro surgeon for first time tomorrow, after many doc's. ... (130 replies)
... ice, doc say moist heat but many times I prefer the ice. one night not long ago I sat up in the bed with moist heat on one area and ice on another, I could not move and fearing I would dislogde on, I actually got a good laugh out of that. ... (130 replies)
... Went to the Chiro again yesterday and he did a Myofascial Release on my upper back. He said I have ALOT of adhesions. That was VERY painful. I am still really sore today and cant tell that it helped any. ... (130 replies)
... and like i said,within the actual thorasic cavity itself too.what i awoke to right after my spinal cord surgery was done and in recovery was a bunch of yelling and orders being shouted because my previously perfect heart was running amuck,really unreal. ... (130 replies)
... Marcia, just got in from nuero surgeon,had MRI June 1 showed some problems, bone loss and minor disc problems, not enough to cause these problems they say, surgeon gave maybe 2 minutes of his time, more tests, bone scan on shoulder and EMG. ... (130 replies)
... thing is, this only happens when I'm laying down at night! During the day, I know it's still there but not anything like when I'm lying down. I went to the Dr. and she did chest xrays and also xrays of my ribs and found nothing. ... (0 replies)
... I have been trying to read all I can online about our symptoms hoping to come across an answer. I did some research on TOS and noticed that some of the symptoms are similiar to mine but not alot. When I raise my arms above my head, my arms will tingle and feel numbish. ... (130 replies)
... e clues. I think I mentioned ankylosing spondylosis previously in this thread as it went along with alot of the symptoms some are experiencing here. Do a search on it and see. Also ask your Dr about it. I had my Dr order some blood tests a couple of wks ago. ... (130 replies)
... Hello everybody. I am fairly new here and have spent most of the day reading all the pages on this post. ... (130 replies)

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