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... Just checking in to see how you all are doing. Im pretty sore this morning but its my own fault. My husband works for Honda and yesterday the company rented 6 flags for the employees and their families. All the walking about killed me. ... (130 replies)
... Hello Mammy and nice to meet you! ... (130 replies)
... I went back to the pain mgmt Dr yesterday. While I was there, I was having an anxiety attack because of the pain. ... (130 replies)

... n Week for doctors! I live in Delaware. Nice state with lots of doctors, but can't find one to help me. I have an apointment with a rheumotologist next month, and I am also changing family doctors this coming week. Oh boy, now you have to deal with having your meds changed, on top of pain! ... (130 replies)
... he was pleased I went for bonescan, He started the test on the left arm, OMG, not a comfortable test when your in Pain to begin with. ... (130 replies)
... hey CH.bone spurs generally wont 'cause' pain in and of themselves,only when they are directly affecting a nerve or grow into the foramen and start causing stenosis within it,or of course if they are affecting the cord itself. ... (130 replies)
... I cant say that the trigger point injections that I had on Wed have helped. ... (130 replies)
... Boy I hope I don't experiance that with Lyrica, We will have hot flashes soon enough. I am trying it cause I am at my wits end, I need to get back to work, three appointments next week and neuro should have the test results at least for blood, bone scan and EMG, next friday. ... (130 replies)
... Hi Everyone! Just finished reading everyone's posts, and makes me feel bad that nobody has gotten any relief or answers yet. I am at my wits end with my pain and just about ready to go see a surgeon and see what can be done. The steroid shot didn't do anything, and I don't think I am going to even try having another one. ... (130 replies)
... CHK....I never had any injection to relax me when I went to the neurologist for shots in my neck, and I got through it ok. This place I went for the lower back is a new place, and I guess this is their procedure. But, I really don't think I need it next time as I didn't feel any different relaxation wise! ... (130 replies)
... Although I did feel some relief from the cervical decompression table, I started hurting again last night and this morning I feel terrible. The chiropractor is closed on Fridays. ... (130 replies)
... with our pain and our frustration! My back, neck, side, are still giving me the same problems and pain. ... (130 replies)
... Just wanted to check in to see how you all are doing. Im still seeing the chiropractor. I go back to my Pain Mgmt Dr this week. ... (130 replies)
... A natural Remedy for Pain , and available at most nutrient stores is a product called "ANXIETOL 7" . ... (130 replies)
... spine where I am having the most pain and spasms yet. Said I shouldnt be as sore as what I was last wk when he did the myofascial release. ... (130 replies)
... compression on your spine whilst standing and sitting are the worst. But when you get an MRI, you are usually laying down. My thinking is, if your laying down and that causes less compression, then the MRI might not be seeing the full picture. ... (130 replies)
... Sammy, I suppose it depends on the Radiologist reading the MRI. I think most will only mention the vertebrae with abnormalities. ... (130 replies)
... hi sammy,have you actually had an MRI done yet on your c and upper T spine? ... (130 replies)
... d surgeons. Funny thing, my husband had a ruptured disc that caused a pinched nerve about 12 years ago. He was lucky enough to find a good man here in Delaware and was operated on, and hasn't had a bit of trouble since then. Amazing how some people do so well and others don't after surgery. ... (130 replies)
... it would really be helpful for me to try and help you actually have the MRI report? ... (130 replies)

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