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... hello, new here. so, what is the answer for burning between shoulder blades? ... (3 replies)
... For about a week or more I've been experiencing almost like a burning sensation in my upper back - right across when my bra hook would lay. The thing is, this only happens when I'm laying down at night! During the day, I know it's still there but not anything like when I'm lying down. I went to the Dr. and she did chest xrays and also xrays of my ribs and found nothing. ... (0 replies)
... stiff this morning right between my shoulder blades from the Myofascial release yesterday I assume. He did both sides even though my pain only seems to be on the left. ... (130 replies)

... I know my problem is probably related to my ruptured disc at T6-7 but epidural of that area showed no improvement whatsoever. I have seen diagrams showing what part of your body will be affected by which nerves and it coincided with the location of my ruptured disc. The question seems to be how should it be treated. I am also wondering if the osteophytes all along my t-spine... (130 replies)
... thoracic goes to rib area, chest pain, and back area ...usually shoulder blades. ... (130 replies)
... Cindy, My Neuro gave me no time to tell or ask anything, hopefully next appointment. I don't get why he would not ask for pt reports or anything. Maybe doing his own evaluation still seems weird. My doc says if he cannot explain pain after test it is pain management for me. That is not real encouraging about the dependancy of the MRI reports. I don't want to live years in... (130 replies)
... When I am having severe pain, my heart races too and I feel really anxious like I am having an anxiety attack. A couple of months ago I started having chest pains at work. My blood pressure was high, I was having palpitations and my heart rate was high. The Dr I work for sent me to the ER. After laying down for awhile, everything returned to normal though they still wanted to... (130 replies)
... could be either one, without tests, only guessing. I personally use A LOT of Ben Gay patches on the painful place between my shoulder blades, hubby has to put them on, don't smell pretty but only use at home or at bedtime, they are a good temp. fix. ... (3 replies)
... burning sensation between the shoulder blades ever resolve the problem? ... (18 replies)
... e I was told it was from panic disorders, depression and so on. I had it for over a month, it had gotten better for about 2 weeks and has returned. All across my shoulder blades, shoulders, the nape of my neck, even my upper chest, my arms go numb, tingle and even in the other areas I mentioned. ... (6 replies)
... I am not sure if this will help you at all, I suffer from a very painful burning sensation between my shoulder blades and I have been told this is do to Gerd, acid reflux and gallbladder troubles. There are times it has caused tingling in my arms and hands. ... (18 replies)
... Hello, well i got about 3 hours of sleep, that makes 6 hours for the last 2 days. This is my next question....i have a burning sensation between my shoulder blades if i sit, stand, do dishes, fold laundery etc for any period of time. The mri was done on LS. Could there be a problem higher up? ... (2 replies)
... lower neck area. I've experienced pain in between my shoulder blades for about the last 4 years. Up until maybe a year ago, it was a burning pain that I would have often after studying long hours, and it would subside in a couple hours. It has gotten much much worse over the last year. ... (1 replies)
... back up to between my shoulder blades. So, I would like to describe my pain and see if others can relate and maybe have any suggestions. ... (1 replies)
... It started about 5 months ago when I was splitting wood and got a burning sensation throughout my back. It has been off and on ever since then, more on then off unfortunately. ... (4 replies)
... It started about 5 months ago when I was splitting wood and got a burning sensation throughout my back. It has been off and on ever since then, more on then off unfortunately. ... (2 replies)
... When my lower back pain gets bad it moves up my spine to my shoulder blades and I get a very strong burning sensation there across my whole back. ... (8 replies)
... numbness that sets in just as I drift to sleep. My neck in front is achy as can be. Very tender to touch. Even upper back around shoulder blades hurt. ... (1 replies)
... ll feel stiffness in the left side of the back, and sometimes I'll get a localized stiff spot right down the center of the back, along the spine. Oftentimes my shoulder blades feel sort of tight and tender. ... (2 replies)
Looking for help
Aug 6, 2008
... outer thigh of my left leg. It wasn't anything that concerned me at the time. Have you ever had your cell phone in your jeans pocket set on vibrate and felt that sensation go down your leg? ... (2 replies)

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