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... Do you have other lower back issues or why do you think it is connected? ... (3 replies)
Upper Back Pain
Oct 12, 2004
... S1 disk. Everything was going well for a long time, but recently, I started to have upper back pain. ... (3 replies)
... burning sensation in the middle of my upper back, pain in both elbows and my forearms. Some pain in my finger joints as well. ... (2 replies)

Upper back pain
Jan 10, 2002
... ry, October of 2001. At that time I had a herniated T12. I recently had another MRI which shows a hernitated T11 also. I am sure from what you have said that the upper back pain is from your T8 disk as I have the same wrap around pain. The burning is unreal... ... (3 replies)
... I also been having upper back problems, first time I was told it was from panic disorders, depression and so on. ... (6 replies)
... arm pain and weakness ranging from burning to sharp shooting to aching. I now even have pain and stiffness in my lower back and into my thighs. ... (0 replies)
Thoracic Back pain
May 13, 2006
... I had lower back surgery almost a year ago, and have never had any upper back problems. However, last week I was dancing and my upper back pulled. ... (81 replies)
... first post here. The problem i am having is a burning feeling in my middle and upper back. Also neck pain. at times it is painful. but mostly just bothersome. It also feels like tiny bubbles in there, the feeling sometimes goes to my arms. ... (8 replies)
... I was injured in Navy basic last year. I don't know exactly what I did wrong but I ended up injuring my upper back. It has been over a year now and I am still experiencing some pain. Has anyone else here dealt with upper back pain as well? ... (2 replies)
... upper back between my shoulder blade and spine on my left side. It persisted for a couple of weeks and went away. ... (5 replies)
... I'd advise you to get IMMEDIATE medical attention. May be a heart attack. (2 replies)
... I have upper back pain, shoulder, arms, neck, and chest pain. I am used to my neck pain since I have a problem in that area. But my question is has anyone experienced upper back pain along with chest pain? ... (2 replies)
... I have had burning pain in my neck and upper back for 3 months now. Sometimes it burns for hours and other times it burns for a little bit. It happens when I am relaxed too. ... (3 replies)
... In secondary school, roughly age 15, I had a period of upper back pain that I got some physio for. ... (7 replies)
... went to the Dr. and she did chest xrays and also xrays of my ribs and found nothing. She put me on a muscle relaxer and that as helped the day symptoms but the pain at night is still there. ... (0 replies)
... The chances of upper thoracic pain being caused by lumbar spine abnormalties is not strong. Do you have any low back or leg symptoms? ... (2 replies)
... The back pain was non existent when I lay down & has improved with exercise. The diabetes I guess I should have seen coming though as am overweight & quitting smoking causes insulin resistance/levels to go crazy. I'm now just trying to lose weight but the issue with my leg keeps flaring up so that's about your be fully checked out. It's not related to the type of... (48 replies)
... I have had back pain for years caused by overtight muscles, I have a hot inflammation type feeling when my muscles are very tight. ... (3 replies)
... really confused never even thought about it until I read your message. yours seems to show more than mine, although my sister was in pain for 4yrs. ... (130 replies)
... Hi everyone! I am hoping that someone can help me with this. 3 years ago, I slipped off a landing, rotating my body while I went down. I ended up with a light back ache, and a fractured ankle. ... (2 replies)

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