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... but it's a constant pain. It feels like I've been doing butt exercises 24x7. It just will not let up. It's so incredibly tight. ... (15 replies)
... Well, I went back to my chiro today, as the pain just got too bad over the weekend. The butt was going into serious cramps when I'd get up (like really bad charley horse type cramps, but thankfully don't last more than a few seconds at a time), and I've also been getting really really annoying pains in my the back of my ankle/calf...kind of time a tingle and just really achy,... (15 replies)
... I just discovered today that I have a patch of numbness at the base of my left butt cheek, just along the crease where it joins my leg. ... (3 replies)

Butt Pain ?? HELP
Oct 24, 2010
... o a new Orthopedic surgreon and have new MRI's dont of my lower back and Hip. I found that i have a labral tear in my hip and aging still in my lower disk. The tightness in hip is killing me more and more and wont go away. They told me that there are not any nerves being penched from the disk. ... (13 replies)
... I thought for a long time that it was my SI Joint too as that's were the pain was for a long time, it travelled. It was my butt sometimes so deep I couldn't really tell where it was, my hip, my groin, my back, my kidney. Sometimes an ache and others it would burn or throb or radiate or.. ... (15 replies)
Butt Pain ?? HELP
Oct 25, 2010
... hen combined , do not result in significant central spinal or neural foraminal stenosis. " sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo. I ment to mention that with the butt pain i also have tightness in the back of knee. Did not know if that the same thing that some of you are having? ... (13 replies)
... I have very similiar symptoms. Going on 4 years. Low back pain, neck pain, butt/hip pain on left side, spasm in my calves, and numbness tingling in my feet. I work at a computer 8 hrs a day. I have seen the so many health care professionals (M.Ds, pain management, Neurosurgeons, neurologist, physical therapist, chiropractors, etc)! I have had MRIs that show nothing except... (15 replies)
... Your symptoms sound alot like mine...Look down the posts for my story under "Chronic Low Back & Hip Pain" and check it out. I have been to chiropractors, masseuses, physical therapists, used oral steroids and lots of painkillers and yesterday I just went to an orthopedic specialist. He says he's pretty sure that I have a bulging disc at L5-S1 that is pressing on a bunch of... (15 replies)
... and am still having hamstring and butt tightness. Laura gave you great suggestions and stretches to do! Hope your hubby continues to recover. ... (6 replies)
... butt. I said no. He then raised the problem leg, the left one, and asked about pain.. No pain, except for some massive tightness in my hamstring, and behind my knee area.. It needs to be stretched out. ... (803 replies)
... day. I still don't tie my shoes, I still slip my shoes on and off, i think its been close to 4 months since I have touched laces. As far as getting rid of the tightness in my legs and back my PT does a lot of hands on stretching and massages. ... (803 replies)
... in. I did have a massive muscle spasm after going for a wide forehand without warming up but the truth of the matter is that I had had episodes of mild pain and tightness in my low back for a few years. Its noteworthy that this pain never was bad enough to make me go see a doctor. ... (7 replies)
... go from laying to standing or back down again and hangs around for a few seconds or up to 5 minutes. before the op the pain was in my right side and just in my butt and calf, now it alternates left to right and shifts from hip to butt to thigh to calf to foot...but never more than one area at a time. ... (4 replies)
... He gave me 2 more exercises yesterday. I'm not kidding, I'm up to about 20 different things! Oh well, whatever it takes is my motto! Sure hope that tightness in your back gets better soon! Do you have any nerve problems? ... (803 replies)
... S1 I had pain from my butt to my calf. ... (5 replies)
... Days 11, 12 and 13 had strong pain and tightness in my lower back. ... (2 replies)
... uld be associated with nerves. The Dr had done full evals on her and it did not appear to be nerve issues. I have read that Spondylolithesis causes symptoms of tightness in hamstring... butt pain, etc... ... (53 replies)
... I have gone on and off for 10 years now with back pain. Sometimes a terrible pain that pretty much stayed in my lower back region. I am sure you all know the tightness that makes you walk crooked. Anyway, i could usually go see the chiro and be better after a few days. ... (5 replies)
... rves do their thing, but still have bad sciatic pain in butt. i have arthritis in two disks as well, so this coujld be partly that. Doctor told me today that the butt pain should go away in 3 weeks, or I may have it permanently, in which case, he'd do a disc replacement. Oh joy. ... (5 replies)
... I had sciatic left sided pain thru butt down to bottom of calf for 4 mos. Chose a well recommended Neurosurgeon who specialized in lumbar spine surgeries. ... (7 replies)

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