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Buzzing in my leg
May 13, 2003
... Has anyone had this before, where you get a buzzing sensation in your leg? ... (3 replies)
... Pepper, Yes, that does sound like nerves! I get buzzing in my right foot and actually got it along the side of my mid spine one time, too. ... (38 replies)
... tingling in the toes when I did my daily walk. It has progressed to the "buzzing" in my feet and stinging in my toes and gets worse when I've just been on my feet, no matter if I walk or not. ... (38 replies)

... Hi! I get the buzzing in my feet too and yes, it's strange! In fact, I'm getting it at this moment and my left leg is also buzzing. I mostly get it in my feet though. I was just standing too much which triggers it like you said. It is the nerves acting up. ... (38 replies)
... d would like to know what you all think. I'm having peroneal nerve involvement that has shown up on my EMG. I am concerned that things might get worse and cause foot drop. I also have a disease called Synovial Chondromatosis in my left knee. ... (4 replies)
... I have this buzzing in both feet and legs,it developed 8 years after 2 lumbar surgeries with instrumentation. ... (38 replies)
Buzzing in Back?
Aug 8, 2003
... with the neurosurgeon on the 19th. Within the last few months, I've been experiencing a different type of feeling. For the older ones in the crowd, remember those handshake buzzers we used to "get" our friends with as kids? ... (4 replies)
... I am having surgery in about two weeks. my hot spots are on my right foot underside toward the outside area of the sole of my foot .. i hope that helps..Good luck. mine varies from hot to numb to aching pain. ... (3 replies)
... gency surgery on Valentine's Day due to the fact that my bladder was being effected by this disc pressing on nerves. Do not let this problem go. I had numbness in my legs, into my L foot and radicular pain and dealt with it for the longest when there was no need to and I regret not seeking help sooner. ... (3 replies)
... than i feel that buzzing feeling too. ... (38 replies)
... many family members who've had to have hip replacements, some at an early age, so I'm glad they checked it all. The hip doc did tell me it could progress to that in my future, but it's not at any advanced stage yet. ... (38 replies)
... Just a quick question. I have been up on my feet alot today getting ready for a cookout tomorrow and my foot that hurts me all the time is buzzing along the outer part of it. It feels like I have bees in it. ... (38 replies)
... I get that buzzing alot in my left nerve damaged foot. ... (38 replies)
... We have the same sleeping pattern!!! Toss and turn all night long...:rolleyes: Some nights are better, other's are absolutely miserable. It used to be tied more to my monthly cycle. Now, it's getting more frequent and there doesn't seem to be a pattern. I was playing Wii Bowling last night and my hips and lower back are really sore today.:eek: I'm not so worried... (38 replies)
... symptoms all over the place. I had some weird sensations in my feet, though I wouldnt have described it quite as buzzing before.. ... (38 replies)
... I plan on asking the new Dr on the 10th about the electric shocks or buzzing I get in my leg and foot and will let you know. ... (38 replies)
... My hubby, bless his heart is doing the dishes and cleaning up for me while I am waiting for the meds to kick in. It amazes me how my foot flares up so badly when I am on it for any length of time. ... (38 replies)
... Anyway , I have the hip pain to ,my left side , it run's down the outside of my leg clear down to my outer foot , and across the top of my little toes , my big toe only buzz's under it ? ... (38 replies)
... is where most of the numbness occurs for me. My toes "sting" and the buzzing is in my toes, feet and lower legs. I am noticing a progression. Used to be just the toes and would go away with a short amount of rest. ... (38 replies)
... My whole leg and foot burn and hurt. I also have the buzzing as you say. I compare it to electric like currents running down the leg. First started with the right side and now it is on the left tonight. ... (38 replies)

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