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... I didn't know that it might be spinal compression but I'm pretty sure it's lower than T1 or T2, maybe T3 or T4. My doctor thinks it's muscular, I think with all those neuropathic symptoms, it's not. Maybe a facet joint but it's not muscular. He said it would run pain down my arm if it was a herniated disc. ... (17 replies)
... That's a lot of questions! I'm not sure where to begin...but I will start with "am I falling apart? ... (14 replies)
Can't Hardly Walk
Nov 26, 2011
... You may have herniated a lower lumbar disc. This can happen without the patient having had prior back problems. Sometimes a sneeze is all it takes. My husband went to bed one night feeling fine, and when he woke up the following morning, he was unable to move. ... (14 replies)

... wise, of spine surgeons, so there is a correlation. This will all change soon as the "new" healthcare goes into effect. We will be seeing far fewer fusions... ... (10 replies)
... I can feel your pain....literally and figuratively. ... (1 replies)
... patients are still in good shape after the 2 year check up. But when I went to the surgeon Thursday I saw the MRI for the first time and my herniation is more of a bulge like a flat tire. And he said it would require a different surgery it starts with a V I do not remember the name I wish I had took a pen and paper. ... (18 replies)
... ne and feeling like nothing will ever help me and I might as well be dead rather than go through this pain. I won't kill myself, but I've told my family that if a car ever hits me and kills me to not cry for me because I will at least be out of this suffering. ... (11 replies)
... S1. I know we in the US rush into surgery much sooner than in any other country in the world. We operate on a herniated disc whereas in every other country, they deal with it through therapy and letting nature run its course. I can understand the reasons for that... ... (3 replies)
... If I were in your position, I would make an appointment with a spine specialist from another practice. Obviously we are not doctors....just fellow sufferers who share information based on personal experience... ... (11 replies)
... L5 herniated disc. ... (113 replies)
... Welcome to the board. I just wanted to offer a bit of general information that will hopefully ease your mind until you can get in to see a physician. ... (2 replies)
... I am so sorry you are having problems like this at such an early age. I do think your next step should be to see an orthopedic SPINE specialist or a neurosurgeon who specializes in the spine. It's wise to get more than one opinon when dealing with such a delicate thing as the spine. ... (13 replies)
... You should look into PT for your back. It did wonders for mine. I was in 24/7 pain for over 3 months, went to PT & that was just over 4 years ago. (113 replies)
... Sorry to hear about the VA and your insurance issues concerning treatment. As far as what you may be experiencing, nobody can completely answer that except proper medical diagnosis. I suffered for 1 yr. with low back pain and sciatica L leg, radicular pain shooting down my L leg. ... (7 replies)
... I must tell you I had the same experience. ... (4 replies)
... the Pain, frustration, and depression. I suffered for many years before I found out what was wrong with my back. I think that Oakleygirl did a wonderful Post. ... (5 replies)
... I actually personally know several people in that position. You don't see people like that on boards like this one because they are living their lives. But when folks hear about my back troubles, they tell me about theirs. ... (9 replies)
... Welcome to the board. I'm sorry you are having these issues, and at such a young age. ... (7 replies)
... Hi again, Mike. Are you going to see an Orthopedic spine specialist or a neurosurgeon that specializes in the spine or have you done so already. If not, that should be your next step. ... (3 replies)
Losing it
May 13, 2003
... I think you are going to have to sit down with a few pieces of blank paper and a pencil and do the math. Can you live with the limitations on your life right now, or is it worth chancing some type of surgical procedure to potentially enhance your quality of life. ... (29 replies)

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