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... It is possible that most of your problems are coming from the cervical area of your spine. If the spinal cord is being impacted, it can cause pain not only in the upper body but can have an effect on the legs too. ... (3 replies)
... you simply DO have the right to copies of all medical records, espescially ANY real testing results of things that were done on you. ... (5 replies)
... out of a state, can put up shingle 1 mo. later after moving. ... (6 replies)

... out of a state, can put up shingle 1 mo. later after moving. ... (6 replies)
... I'm currently seeing an Orthopedic surgeon, he was highly recommended to me. I don't have copies of the MRI's, I'm actually picking them up this week, but I was assured by my doctor that they didn't tell him anything My doctor just said the EMG was painful and he didn't believe it would provide results, I am scheduled for it regardless because I don't know where else to... (5 replies)
... HNP - Thanks for your input. Any chance you want to fly down to Raleigh, NC so I can set you on my doctors? :) My Neuro suggests a fusion because 2 years ago, I had a herniation at L3/L4 and he did a lumbar laminectomy. That was my first back surgery. I had let the pain go on for 4 years. A month after the surgery, I had, drumroll please.... ZERO pain. Talk about... (30 replies)
... ray. This test most clearly and inexpensively shows a condition called spondylolisthesis, which is when one vertebra slips over the top of the adjacent one. ... (16 replies)
... I have all the records in a file cabinet. Sometimes they get all messed up when I go to a new Dr. because I make copies and don't put them right back. The films kill me. I have copies of ultrasounds, xrays and MRI's dating back to 1990. Now they put on a CD to make it easier. ... (21 replies)
... bone scan himself. Many doctors feel this way. The hospital can make copies of any of these films. ... (7 replies)
... I went and had my lumbar MRI yesterday. I pray that they can read the films. My neuro surgeon always writes duplicate copies on my scripts so I was able to bring home copies of my films with me. Or course I did take a look at them later on in the evening. ... (398 replies)
... What you most need to know about the MRI and EMG results is what the other poster suggested. It is very important that you make an appointment with a spine specialist for an evaluation. ... (4 replies)
... In the NHS are you able to get copies of your tests like MRIs, etc? ... (7 replies)
... great advice there MP. what i am wondering is if you have ANY areas up in the c spine findings where the areas of your actual cord are being compromised in any way? ... (10 replies)
... I never request test results from any of my doctors...I request the medical business performing the test to send me and my doctor a copy of the test far, I have never encountered a problem. ... (7 replies)
Spinal Tumor?
Jan 11, 2008
... something' would show that was not within normal limits.high focus intensity is usually an indicator of something being there that shouldn't be? ... (8 replies)
... Thanks Paul for the information. Sorry to hear of your problems. I guess I just needed to talk to someone. ... (2 replies)
... Hi megan, I just saw that your MRI was normal. ... (30 replies)
... lly see about this. it would appear tho that your rhemy doc is much more on the ball here. i would actually ask your rheumy or your primary for a referral for an MRI just to really "see' if something did indeed occur during your surgery. ... (10 replies)
Incidental Finding
Oct 21, 2004
... op anniversary. I have still been having some nerve pain in my right leg along with some other issues so an MRI seemed warranted. ... (22 replies)
Normal Neck X-Ray?
Jun 13, 2010
... ating what it is you are actually feeling here, and more importantly the spinal cord itself too, you would have to have at the very least, a good contrasted type of an MRI done. ... (2 replies)

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