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... m finally out of the hospital, I have been put in a ctlso which I thought was an insane brace, but from the searches here it seems others have them as well. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for that Emily, Hearing that positive attitude really helps me as this whole thing draws near! Well, Stephanie, the Orthodist from the brace shop called late yesterday and told me that my CTLSO was done and ready for my final fitting at that I would be leaving wearing my new "Body Armor" - Yikes! Then, while I was on the phone with her the nurse from my ... (8 replies)
... Hi everyone, I am going in for my CTLSO brace fitting (basically, from what I am told, it's a TLSO Body Jacket with a Neck Brace attached to the top) on Tuesday and I have lots questions for you pros out there? What should I wear to the appointment? Do they measure for the brace or do they take a cast of your body? How long did it take for the fist fitting? How long did... (8 replies)

... You are the only one I have found here that was actually in a CTLSO like me so I may pick your brain from time to time re the CTLSO. Maybe we can exchange some CTLSO fashion tips and how to accessorize when going out on the town! ... (9 replies)
... lem I was having on my boobs is all but gone and I no longer have any pressure points so that has really helped. I really recommend it to anyone who is wearing a CTLSO or a TLSO shell, it does work! ... (9 replies)
... Hey everyone, Thanks so much for all the kind messages posted on the board. It really means a lot to me to have friends here for support that know what you are going through! Well, made it through the weekend OK, it was pretty hot here so that is going to be a challenge and I am getting ready for my surgery on Wed but I am really just trying to keep my mind off of that... (8 replies)
... Hey Nancy, Hope you are doing OK. I think Emily had a good idea on the bra/underwire thing, I have also heard that wearing a sports bra under the brace can also work pretty well. I don’t remember if you mentioned it or not but does your brace cover your breasts or does it stop underneath them with a t-bar type chest extension? Mine was the type that completely covered... (9 replies)
... Hello Nancy, Good to hear from you and it is great to hear that your back and neck are doing better but I am sorry to hear that you are still struggling with your brace. How long did you say you were in yours so far? I was in my CTLSO for almost 4 months after my horseback ridding accident and I do have to say that it took me a month before I began to really get used... (9 replies)
... t I came across your message here and wanted to wish you Good luck on your upcoming surgery and your recovery! I know exactly what you are going through with the CTLSO Brace as I was in one just like yours for almost 4 months last year after a horseback riding accident. ... (8 replies)
... :jester:Hello Nancy, Hang in there, it will all work out OK and you'll be fine! The CTLSO brace have described is actually a modified TLSO but instead of stopping at your collar bone like a traditional TLSO, yours sounds like it has a "Minerva" type cervical brace attached to the top to immobilize your cervical spine from C1 to T1. With your type of surgery, I think... (8 replies)
... Anyway, my question for all you ladies out there that have had to wear a Hard Shell Brace or a CTLSO is, are you supposed you wear a bra underneath your Hard shell or not? ... (12 replies)
... Sorry no one has responded to your post. I wanted to say hello and to welcome you...but I haven't had such an elaborate and constricting brace...and I don't believe most of the people that are on the board now have either. There is another board where most of the people with cervical issues post most frequently. It is listed under "Spinal Cord Disorders" -- just scroll... (1 replies)
... Hey Everyone, Not even sure if I am allowed to ask this question here or not but what the heck, here goes. What has been everyone’s experience as it relates to sex after your surgery? I am 9 weeks post op and actually feel pretty good aside from being strapped into the monster brace (the CTLSO). I asked my doctor and he said after about 6 weeks if we are very, very... (4 replies)
... Hey everyone, It has been a while since I have checked in and just to refresh everyone’s memory, I had neck and back fusion surgery back at the end of July and have been recovering from that for the last 4 weeks or so. I wondered if anyone has experienced this with his or her Doctor. The Love/Hate relationship that is. I love my Doctor because since my surgery, the... (9 replies)
... Hey Spiny friends, Just wanted to pop in quick and let everyone know that I am back after my double fusion surgery (had fusion surgery at C3-C5 & L4 -L5) on Wed 7 -22-09. My Doctor said the surgery went very well but it was a lengthy one lasting over 5 hours, I stayed an additional day in the hospital and was sent home on Saturday Eve, 4 days total in the hospital. I... (1 replies)
... On Monday, my hubby helped me get back into my CTLSO which is just an absolute monster of a brace! ... (8 replies)
... Best thing to wear under the brace is a soft t-shirt, preferably without seams. You don't want the plastic right against your skin. It will chaff and you'll get sore. To bra or not to bra. That is the question. It's totally up to you! Whichever way is more comfortable. I sometimes wore one and sometimes didn't. Yes, big changes, but all for a good reason! Be... (8 replies)
... Oh Nancy, I so know what you mean! I handled my then-upcoming surgery pretty well until about a week before. Then I had a melt-down day. I was terrified, crying, angry... all of that. I think that's actually pretty normal. This is a huge surgery with a long recovery. We might worry about you if you WEREN'T scared! I'm a praying person, so I emailed my husband at work... (8 replies)
... Hey Everyone, Back from my appointment with the brace people yesterday and OMG, now I am really starting to get nervous about this whole thing. I am not sure if its the surgery or the recovery and the brace I am more scared of!! The brace is nearly completed , they just had to make a few more adjustments and do some trimming on it today and they said they want me back... (8 replies)
... Wow, yes, I remember that casting table they used to use on me when I had my first fusion 30 some years ago. That was scary, lying on that table that really had no surface! You had to wait two hours before they cut the cast off? Were you on the table that whole time? I hope you were able to just doze off or that they had a TV on for you. I only had to wait a few... (8 replies)

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