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Cymbalta Questions
Jun 26, 2007
... of the pain, so I can deal with that. I take it at night when I go to bed, it helps me sleep and without the usual headaches I used to get. ... (24 replies)
Cymbalta Questions
Jun 20, 2007
... Do you take just 60 mg once a day, and when do you take it day or night? ... (24 replies)
Having a BAD day!
Apr 10, 2007
... I'm not doing well today at all. I was told to stop the cymbalta yesterday, I'm glad they decided to do this since the 30 mg a day didnt' seem to make any difference. Well I'm so sick feeling, weak, shakey, out of it in every way. I'm still in my PJ's. ... (11 replies)

... Memaw, I've been on ultracet for pain & also naproxen for inflamation, plus I take trazadone for depression & it does help me sleep also. I'm afraid of addiction with the ultracet though!!! UGH! (26 replies)
... I also agree with you that the nights are the worst, I lie in bed all night fighting the pain. I take trazadone at night to help me sleep and also take valium, but nothing helps. ... (26 replies)
... I decided to come off of Cymbalta because I didn't think it was helping me at all. I was taking 90 mg a day. So, I asked the doc and he said to go from 90 mg to 60 mg for one week. ... (30 replies)
... I went to my neuro today because I just could not take the Neurontin. I hated feeling drunk all day, I hated sleeping all day and I honestly could not form words and make them come out of my mouth right. ... (7 replies)
... ks into high gear,no one can tell me why.BUT when i started the cymbalta,wow.i practically was crawling outta my freaking skin.then the leg crap kicked in on the day i just went from only 30 up to 40mgs? ... (11 replies)
... I took Cymbalta for the first time last Tuesday.... ... (6 replies)
... since starting the cymbalta I am having balance issues 2 to 4 times a day. Could this be related? ... (30 replies)
... and the two together were too much taken together. They had me take the Cymbalta in the AM and the prednisone at lunch. They told me to eat more protien and even with loss of appetite to make myself eat. Much better! I got so much done! ... (3 replies)
... I was on lryica first, didn't help me much with the nerve pain. Surgeon switched me to Neuronton or the generic Gabapenten. It helped some so he added the Cymbalta. With the Gabapenten and the Cymbalta I noticed an improvement. ... (3 replies)
... heya .. sorry to hear you're suffering. I started on Cymbalta and it made me feel a little lightheaded and nauseated and sleepless for a few days, but it passed and the drug helped a lot. ... (6 replies)
Jan 22, 2008
... however, no change in the back or hip area. What is weird is that I normally only feel pain in my right leg but I am now getting it in the left. ... (33 replies)
BAD night tonight
Jan 24, 2007
... My pain level changes from day to day, but I am still so much better than I was before the surgery. ... (39 replies)
... Hey there Schragie. Thanks for the reply. Today was such an awful day though, like I actually felt like I had the flu all day. ... (6 replies)
... out 3 weeks ago now. The first one helped a little but the other two didn't do anything. I have nerve involvement as well and until tonight actually I felt pains or numbness in my foot 24 hours a day. ... (0 replies)
Cymbalta Questions
Jun 17, 2007
... to sleep, but my pain wakes me up every couple of hours when I move. But once I get comfortable again I can normally get back to sleep. I have not had a complete night sleep in years without waking up with pain, before or after surgery. I am at 7 monts post op now. ... (24 replies)
... lp you soon. I can't imagine feeling like this for 2 and a half years. That is a long time to be in constant pain. Are you on nerve meds like lyrica, gabapenten or cymbalta? ... (15 replies)
... which hasn't been touched. I am still in a lot of back pain since my operations. I was on neurotin and now i am on lyrica. My doctor added cymbalta 6 months ago. At which time my back was burning on fire for over 3 weeks until i started taking the cymbalta. Since the burning pain is gone. ... (6 replies)

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