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... Last night I was nauseous, shaky, bad headache, head felt like it was "buzzing", and the weirdest dreams last night. SO... ... (21 replies)
Cymbalta Questions
Jun 20, 2007
... I didn't read thru all the other posts so I apologise if this is repeated. I had terrible heart racing problems, I took it 3 nights in a row, 60mgs at bedtime. My heart raced so bad the first night I thought I would die. ... (24 replies)
... I just wanted to give you my opinion as well. I also take Cymbalta for depression and it has worked well for my nerve pain...the only side effect I've had from it to speak of is only if I forget to take it I have really whacked out dreams and feel unrested when I wake up. ... (21 replies)

... According to my md appt yesterday with the PA, she said that pain meds do not help nerve pain at all. She only suggested that I take the pain meds when I need to try to go to sleep. ... (12 replies)
Cymbalta, anyone?
Feb 14, 2007
... Cymbalta. It didn't really help my back pain but I couldn't stay it on it too long to find out due to the side effects. The REAL problem was trying to get OFF it. It was horrible. There are whole message boards on people who've had problems trying to get off this stuff. ... (8 replies)
Cymbalta Questions
Jun 26, 2007
... Before I took it I made one last read through on the clinical trials, the Cymbalta web site, and a couple of others to make sure I wouldn't have any vision probs with my glaucoma. ... (24 replies)
... Hi SKZ, and welcome to our little corner of healthboards! ... (4 replies)
... I decided to come off of Cymbalta because I didn't think it was helping me at all. I was taking 90 mg a day. So, I asked the doc and he said to go from 90 mg to 60 mg for one week. Then from 60 mg. to 30 mg. for one week. Then to just stop. I followed his instructions and haven't had Cymbalta in almost 8 days now. ... (30 replies)
Cymbalta, anyone?
Feb 14, 2007
... I can't take neurontin or lyrica cuz of the serious side effects to the point of fever, muscle weakness, etc. I have Cymbalta in my cabinet and have contemplated trying it, but have fear of repeat history and also going loopy! I have a job where my mind MUST be sharp! ... (8 replies)
... I took Cymbalta for the first time last Tuesday.... ... (6 replies)
Feb 18, 2008
... doing on my own was causing very minimal side effects that I should continue with that. So, reluctantly I took the same number of pellets that I took last week when I stopped. I almost felt like I was taking poison because of this bad time. hour and half later, I was me again. ... (27 replies)
Feb 17, 2008
... The few pellets may have helped a little. I can't walk or move my eyes from side to side, so dizzy. My headache is a "cold" feeling headache, like the brain freeze you get when eating ice cream. ... (27 replies)
Cymbalta, anyone?
Feb 14, 2007
... The cymbalta has helped me alot. I was really depressed to. My doctor explained it to me like this....when you take a pain medicine like vicodin it effects a part in your brain that is sending pain signals. ... (8 replies)
... I recently went on Cymbalta to replace my Paxil. I had gained weight over the years and thought it was from the Paxil..anyway, I had tried every SSRI, etc, and Paxil was all that worked. ... (11 replies)
... I'm new here and I really just want to know when the side effects of the cortisone epidural injections will go away. I had two, one on Aug. 10 and the last one on Aug. 24. ... (7 replies)
... Nice to hear from you. ... (6 replies)
... turned left...oops...that arrow was red.... I had been having stupid moments a lot when I was on the neurtin...but that one was soooo bad, that was the last day I took the stuff... ... (14 replies)
... I had only been on it a week this time. ... (7 replies)
... Just remember that not everyone has the same effects, but the cymbalta caused some anxiety that happened at least 2 hours a day for about 2 weeks and then it went away. I just made sure to keep real busy during the times it made me feel weird, and then I was okay. ... (21 replies)
... Oh dear! I am so sorry to hear how much you are suffering. ... (21 replies)

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