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... Hi everyone, MRI diagnosed a large ganglion cyst on L4 L5.. ... (1 replies)
Cyst on L4
Dec 12, 2009
... rays showed nothing but MRI results just came back a few days ago and I have a cyst on my L4, which could be the source of pain. ... (2 replies)
Cyst on nerve root
Apr 16, 2008
... hello all. i fell in dec 07 on my porch steps and since then have had reccurrent low back pain with sensitivity to touch. ... (0 replies)

Cyst on L4
Dec 12, 2009
... Can overly tight hamstrings lead to a cyst? I've been doing hamstring stretches multiple times a day for about 2 weeks now. (2 replies)
... Welcome to the board. Cysts can prove to be a difficult problem. Depending on why they form, they can be difficult to eradicate permanently because they tend to grow back, at least in some cases. ... (1 replies)
Cyst on L4
Dec 12, 2009
... I had this problem and it turned out to be overly tight hamstrings which were pulling on muscles of my lower back causing muscle strain. ... (2 replies)
... They tried to put me on Neurontin but it made me too sick. ... (1 replies)
... notch neurosurgeon at a top hospital, and my surgery wasn't urgent. In my consult with him months ago, he was very clear that the cyst caused my pain. When he saw me before surgery, he was "I hope this works" and not so certain. ... (1 replies)
... ed the advice and warmth, support and encouragement that I have read you all give to each other. So, I finally signed up and here we go! in 2006 I had a synovial cyst on my L4 and a facet joint broken off of L3, and herniated disks at L3 and L4, along with advanced degenerative disc disease. ... (0 replies)
... rupture of the cyst because my 2 MRIs show that the cyst is large and pressing the nerve roots to one side, which sounds the same as your situation was back in September. ... (23 replies)
... hip, leg and ankle pain gone, but I felt that I wasn't progressing as quickly as I wanted. I could only walk for about half a mile, and only do about 15 minutes on the treadmill, and that was not without low back pain. Now, a year later, I'm back to walking several miles without too much pain. ... (48 replies)
... rgeon said he spent quite a bit of time scraping it off the dura around the L5 nerve root. From what I've read, the medial facetotomy of the joint to which the cyst is attached is done to help avoid recurrence. ... (48 replies)
Cyst on spine
Jul 5, 2007
... The cyst was sitting in the facet joint. She first tried injections and having the cyst drained. But it kept filling back up, causing excruciating pain! She had surgery last March and it was a total success. ... (8 replies)
... it returned a little bit bigger than the original. This leads me to think that they did not get it all and left some behind inside the joint. I had mine removed on December 12 and started feeling back and leg pain again around February 7, so it grew back fairly quickly. ... (48 replies)
... I had a Kenalog injection into the L5 facet joint in June 2011. The synovial cyst formed in that area sometime over the next year. ... (8 replies)
... a MRI and I had the MRI two days later. He gave me dialadid 2mg for the pain that has not helped at all. I called his offive for the results and was told he was on vacation and I could see him June 20th or something like that. I do not think I will live until June 20 if something is not done......... ... (0 replies)
... to ten hours a day helping her with errands as she has two broken wrists, and then drove back another eight hours to my house. Sitting for that long and the foot on the brake and gas, stopping, starting, I am ready to have my cyst out!!!!! ... (21 replies)
... Hello fellow back pain sufferers! Unbelievable how you never realized what people go through until it happens to you. I'm new to all this, just getting diagnosed and learning about the spine so I'll try to be brief. 45 yrs old, healthy, in relatively good shape, active. No major back problems in my life, occasional pain but definately bearable. Nov. 2002 pain started in... (5 replies)
... t say the swelling is necessarily normal if it is on the surface. It would not be all that unusual to have inflammation around the area where the cyst was removed. Likewise, the pain is pretty typical. Was this an open surgery or were they able to go in using minimally invasive techniques? ... (2 replies)
Synovial Cyst
Jul 31, 2017
... I have a synovial cyst at L4 and L5. I'm scheduled for surgery on August 16. I notice that it has been years since the subject has been discussed. ... (5 replies)

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