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... As the first spine doctor I visited told me, problems like you described with your back without some kind of major fall or auto accident can sometimes be hereditary. Some people simply have bad back genes, which is the case with me and a number of people in my family. Also, you could have done something to your back when you were younger (through sports or something) and... (5 replies)
... know why I even got this to start with when people ask I say I have no idea and it is not from any trauma. I also had a xray done 4 years ago and it stated that degenerative lumbar spine with grade I anterolisthesis over L5. I guess I am just wondering if this is normal to have the same symptoms after only 4 years. ... (5 replies)
... g to the surgeon tomorrow for a consultation. I also have an appointment with a Neurosurgeon on Wednesday. I am concerned about my condition because my Dad had degenerative disc disease and ended up in a wheel chair and also had a halo because his neck was so bad. I sincerely DO NOT want to find myself in a similar ending senario. ... (16 replies)

... I finally have a copy of my MRI from early Aug. 2011, about a month after this all started. My whole lumbar area seems to be a jumbled up mess, so here we go: T12-L1: concentric disc bulge with small posterior central annular tear. Mild to moderate bilateral facet joint arthrosis. Ligamentum flavum buckling. Mild central canal stenosis & mild, bilateral neural fomaminal... (20 replies)
Conflicting MRI
Feb 20, 2012
... I think it is likely that the two are saying the same thing. The neurosurgeon just chose to explain it in the way he felt was easiest for a patient to understand without using the words spondylolisthesis, retrolisthesis, and anterolisthesis....all words that no one remembers or necessarily understands. A spondylolisthesis can be caused by several circumstances. It can be... (9 replies)
... The desication of the lumbar discs that is referred to in your MRI is a sign that there is some general degenerative changes characteristic of arthritis. Desication means the discs are drying out or losing fluid. ... (7 replies)
... hello everyone Im 18 y.o. and i have had chronic pain for 6 years steming from slipped disc nerve damage spondylosis with degenerative disc desease of the lumbar spine , facet osteoarthiritis,several disc bulges,anterolisthesis,nueral forminal stenosis,facet joint arthrosis just to name some i also had L3-S1 decompression laminectomy and debridement surgery on 6/2010... (2 replies)
Help please!!
Jun 27, 2011
... hello everyone i have had chronic pain for 6 years steming from slipped disc nerve damage spondylosis with degenerative disc desease of the lumbar spine , facet osteoarthiritis,several disc bulges,anterolisthesis,nueral forminal stenosis,facet joint arthrosis just to name some I had 2 back surgery's 6/2010 1st laminectomy & decompression of my L3-S1 my 2nd i had sepsis... (4 replies)
... 3 level fusion recommendation Hi, I have recently been recommended a 3 level fusion due to Spondylolisthesis at L5-S1 and some other degenerations and disc bulges at the others levels. I had a successful diskectomy at L4-5 back in 2005. Then a successful fusion at C5-6 in 2007. I was happy but then a goofy slip and fall in 2009 changed everything. After the fall, I was... (9 replies)
Help with MRI
Feb 17, 2011
... You have several things going on in your lumbar spine, which are degenerative in nature. Arthropathy simply means joint disease. In the case of the spine, as mentioned in your report, it refers to arthritic issues in the facet joints. ... (1 replies)
... L1 disc degenerative change. The right neural exit forman is obliterated and there is a compression of the exiting right L5 nerve root. ... (5 replies)
... Can anyone give me layman terms for the following? Has anyone experienced these things? L3-L4 mild diffuse annular bulging without disc herniation. Mild degenerative changes in facets L4-L5 mild loss of disc height and dehydration. Mild bulging posteriorly. Mild to moderate deenerative changes in facets. Bilateral L5 pars defects noted. L5-S1 slight grade1... (2 replies)
... S1 results in grade 1 anterolisthesis by 5mm. Results in mild bilateral foraminal narrowing but no spinal stenosos. There may be a pars interarticularis defect on left of this level. ... (1 replies)
... Greetings to anyone who will listen, I am a survivior of thyroid cancer after nine major neck surgeries earning me my title as a Cut Throat. I am very aware of pain, however the past year I have had sciatic nerve problems that made my past neck pain nothing compared to this pain I have been having until a couple weeks ago I finally got into an orthopedic surgeons office. He... (0 replies)
... S1 there is as grade I anterolisthesis measureing approximately 7 mm. This is related to severe facet joint arthropathy. There is associated posterior disc bulging. ... (0 replies)
... Hello Physicians, I am an MD.The patient is my grandmother. Her MRI reports showed Lumbar spondylosis with degenerative disc disease & Grade 1 anterolisthesis of L4 on L5 with posterior disc protrusion & ligamentum flavum hypertrophy causing LUMBAR CANAL STENOSIS, which is responsible for tingling numbness in bilateral lower limbs & weakness in left leg.the condition has... (3 replies)
Back pain
Sep 1, 2007
... severe disc narrowing desiccation,endplate degenerative changes. ... (13 replies)
... effacement and of the thecal sac. There is mild to moderate facet arthrosis on the left side and moderate to advanced on the right side with questionable minimal anterolisthesis at this level. There is slight lateral recess stenosis suspected bilaterally without a high degree of neuroforaminal compromise. ... (1 replies)
... Hi After 12 months on waiting list, I have an appointment to see my Orthopaedic Surgeon next week to discuss spinal fusion with instrumentation and bone grafts. Not sure what to expect or ask. I have had xrays, cat scans and Mri's, according to these my problems are.. rudimentary disc present S1-S2, Mild degenerative change in facet joints bilaterally at L4-L5, Bilateral... (5 replies)
From a Newbie
Jan 12, 2003
... Grade 1 anterolisthesis lumbar 5 and lumbar 4 during extension which appears relieved during flexion. ... (7 replies)

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