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... degenerative disc desease and need help with the pain. Has anyone heard if the Maverick disc has FDA approval? ... (0 replies)
... Hello everyone just wanted to ask if anyone else has buzzing in legs due to degenerative disc desease and has been treated for it. ... (3 replies)
... Hi , Who is experience with the chronic desease of the DEGENERATIVE DISC DESEASE ... ... (17 replies)

... Degenerative disc disease isn't really a "disease," but a collection of symptoms brought on by wear and tear...daily living. ... (1 replies)
... pain was the same I could go through surgery and so happened, I had the first surgery on jan 29, then as the pain wasn't gone they opened it and clean the same disc again cheking that the screw was fused, and it was, second operation was on may 8 and now I feel better even if it's a long long way to fully recover. ... (11 replies)
... diving accidents,or born with a problem MS patients.I'm not for a fusion,I don't know why,it must be the severe pain you get after wards or something,I got L5 S1 disc pretty narrow. ... (11 replies)
... The whole thing about DDD has always confused me... I cant seem to get a straight answer from anyone... Some say it is OsteoArthritis and others say it is when ANYTHING is wrong with your disc, including bulges... i get teh same response from my doctors... EIther, "it usually doesnt bother people.. Maybe you are wired differently" or "you cant do much for it... Get some... (11 replies)
... I am with Pooby.. I was told that I would not be in a wheelchair having DDD. I am interested in hearing what your diagnosis is.. which discs of yours are effected. Do you have any other issues also, such as stenosis, spondy, osteopenia, osteoporosis, etc? I too was told I had DDD by the 1st surgeon I had and let her treat me for 2 years.. at the end only for her to tell... (11 replies)
... I always thought that Europe was more advanced in the area of disc replacement as well as with the study of glucosamine and the effect on joints.. You may want to read a book called THE ARTHRITIS CURE which talks all about it. ... (11 replies)
... t having this pain since you were young. We found out my daughter had the back of an old woman at the age of 16. She was born with spondylolisthesis, a slipped disc and then her mri revealed that she had spinal stenosis and ddd. I always told her that she had the back of an 80 year old woman, not a 16 year old. ... (11 replies)
... spiral acquisition from T12 to S2 with sagittal and coronal reconstruction imaging. Some additional axial images are obtained angled through each intervertebral disc space. ... (3 replies)
New Here !
Feb 14, 2004
... Hi Hitman! Welcome and sorry you are a part of the DDD club. I too have DDD. I had a herniated L5/S1. I am not a fan of epidural steriod injections -- they didn't do a darned thing for me except cost me money, and the second one made my back worse. Then I had a nerve root block which was the worst thing I've ever done in my life -- the pain was excruciating after the... (6 replies)
New Here !
Feb 14, 2004
... The discogram would confirm this ... Then he told me about IDET and how they can heat the disc so it hardens and kills the nerves in the disc thus allivating the pain . ... (6 replies)
... hello everyone Im 18 y.o. and i have had chronic pain for 6 years steming from slipped disc nerve damage spondylosis with degenerative disc desease of the lumbar spine , facet osteoarthiritis,several disc bulges,anterolisthesis,nueral forminal stenosis,facet joint arthrosis just to name some i also had L3-S1 decompression laminectomy and debridement surgery on 6/2010... (2 replies)
Help please!!
Jun 28, 2011
... hello everyone i have had chronic pain for 6 years steming from slipped disc nerve damage spondylosis with degenerative disc desease of the lumbar spine , facet osteoarthiritis,several disc bulges,anterolisthesis,nueral forminal stenosis,facet joint arthrosis just to name some I had 2 back surgery's 6/2010 1st laminectomy & decompression of my L3-S1 my 2nd i had sepsis... (4 replies)
... e out there with pain in the thoracic area! All I ever find on line is info on lumbar and cervical area. I have already been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and Degenerative Disc Desease in the lumbar area along with a disc tear at S1. But I don't mean to sound excited that someone else is suffering at night and can't lay down. ... (37 replies)
... All this and only 51 years old. Can anyone walk me through this since I honestly do not know what to expect with the 8mm nerve root sheath cyst or the herniated disc in my neck. I dont know what to ask the doctor or even what ot expect from all this. ... (8 replies)
... i too had no pain untill my slipped disc and degenerative disc desease that had know idea about untill mri. you need to go to your primary and ask for mris to find out whats going on. no matter what. ... (3 replies)
... T1. He sent me for another mri stating the first one was not clear. After the 2nd mri I was told that the disc was protruding to the right side and that would not be causing the pain that was in my left shoulder and arm. ... (13 replies)
... Hi becjo - I concur with above poster. It really sounds like nerve inpingement, which can happen easily the older you get. The most common culprit is DDD around the facets or foraminal stenoses. You really should get an MRI to find out for sure what is going on. Both a cervicle C-2 thru C-7 vertebra, and a lumbar L-1 thru S-1. An MRI will show all the boney... (4 replies)

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