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... I am going to ask him to do Discogram or referral someone to do it for me. ... (15 replies)
... Its also important to examine what disc exactly is your pain source, and discogram is best solution for this. ... (18 replies)
... It's really no worse than what we go through every day. The discogram is an incredible test that shows what no other test can show. ... (18 replies)

... Hopefully this response makes sense. I am in alot of pain right now but wanted to respond to you and let you know that a discogram is well worth its weight in gold. ... (9 replies)
... Billy, I haven't had a discogram either, but from what I've read here, it's a very valuable test. ... (9 replies)
... Thank you for the update! My discogram is tomorrow so of course it's all I can think about today. Good luck with the doctor's appointment tomorrow. ... (31 replies)
... Hello to all , Hopefully some of the OL` GanG is reading this - - - I NEED ADVISE.. Here is my surgical history , I had 2 back op's in the last 5 years.. * Laminectomy in 2004 - l2-l3 , l3-l4 , l4-l5 , l5-s1 * Posterior fusion in 2008 - l4-l5 , l5-s1 I have been in a great deal of pain now for about 3 months , Had fusion in Feb. of 2008.. My lower... (9 replies)
... HI Tara and Billy, Hubby is walking around today- he says it acutally helps to move - he is quite sore nad still taking lortab but planning to step down to the weaker darvocet this evening or tomorrow with hopes of getting off of the pain meds over the weekend......Overall he is doing much better than I thought he would and I am relieved that it went smoothly...hope this... (31 replies)
... I had a discogram last week and the pain was not that bad. ... (31 replies)
... et better threw out the day.. I remember hurting though for a couple days after the discogram.. When I had this test done my back was in very bad condition , the discogram was the final test and I had surgery 3 weeks later.. ... (31 replies)
... when I asked if I can do discogram to make sure which disk cause my leg pain ,because I worry about so mach if the MRI doen't show the real reason which cause pain. ... (6 replies)
... My neurosurgeon called me this morning to discuss my discogram results. I have 2 bad disc.... ... (3 replies)
Discogram test
Nov 22, 2008
... Wow, I am fascinated by what you said. You have encouraged me to bite the bullet and have that discogram done before long. ... (12 replies)
Discogram test
Nov 21, 2008
... disc with the annular tear was the one that hurt the most with my sound like the discogram is really needed to determine your outcome. ... (12 replies)
Discogram test
Nov 21, 2008
... Wow, thanks to all of you for this helpful info. I realize everyone has different experiences so it was helpful to hear a range of replies I would like to ask 123dietdrpepper, and anyone else who knows this, what you meant about your "normal" discs turning up pain problems on a discogram?? My MRI shows only an annular tear at L5/S1 and a slight bulge at L2-3, and my 2... (12 replies)
... I had a lots of tests done, 2 major spinal fusions, but discogram is the worse test I ever had. ... (4 replies)
... I have not been on this site for awhile.... I am also having a discogram on wed, this will be my second. My advice to you is to ask to see the Drs report, see what his findings are. ... (24 replies)
... for the ablation and I remember everything that happened. I am so very nervous. But my understanding is.....that the discogram will determine if the pain is from the disc or not. My neuro doc is suggesting a fusion but I am totally scared of having that done. So by having this discogram. ... (24 replies)
... I had a discogram prior to my 3 level fusion. The versed is enough so that you will be able to tell the doctor where the pain is. ... (11 replies)
... I did have a discogram which actually found the true source of my pain. ... (13 replies)

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