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... Hi Im new here:) I had disketomy at C5&6 on cervical. I was told going threw the back of neck would be better for me and Doctor to clean bulged disk, bone spurs, ect...2 weeks after surgery i still have major arm pain worse than before surgery, I have lost alot of strength in my arm, hard to pick up things! so I call doctor did another MRI show that the surgery did'nt work!!!... (3 replies)
... Went to see my surgeon and he suggested a disketomy because of the limping in the leg and weakness. ... (2 replies)
... 1st off I had surgery March 31st 2010 disketomy of L4-L5 disc after months of still having pain and my surgeon or primary car e doc would not acknowledge my pleas for something to be done about it I consulted a neurologist who ordered a new MRI was done 11/5/2010which the report said microdiscectomy changes on the right L4-5 with resection of the right paracentral to right... (13 replies)

... Hi i can help due to i had a med-tronics scs implant on sept 23 2009 they do perform a laminectomy so they can slide the unit up into the spinal canal my surgery took approx 2 1/2 hrs i went in on a monday 8am and left on wed around noon it did hurt once i awoke in my room but they were ready with pain meds once i got up to go to the bathroom it hurt but things got better it... (36 replies)
... micro disketomy etc... ... (36 replies)
... What is spinal decompression? what type of surgery is it? Is it disketomy? One more thing to send you to pyschologist is for them?(not sure)/him most likely to make money out of you. You live in your own body, you feel the pain from injury and since they can't help you may be properly or are not providing you with proper treatment, it is an easy way out for them and for... (8 replies)
... Sundee, I completely understand where you are coming from. I am actually 4 weeks post L5-S1 fusion w/ bone graft. I felt the same way going into it, but I figured I can only get better. Last year I had a lami/disketomy and it failed, having my disk collapse completely. I was in so much pain for a year and it was the only option. Like I said, I am four weeks out and still... (21 replies)
... Hi guys. I have a large herniation at L5/S1 and have foot drop and weakness in my left foot. Herniation began 4 months ago, numbness 2 weeks ago, and weakness within that timeframe too. Docs want to have a disketomy, they are very concerned about the weakness. They don't feel like I should try other means first (DSRX9000, PT, etc) b/c of the weakness and how long I've... (1 replies)
... A full year has gone by since I underwent surgery (micro-disketomy) for my l5-S1 herniated disk (w/floating ragments in the spine canal) which was compresing the sciatic nerve. Needless to say I went thru the full treatment protocol ( for six long months of excruciating sciatica pain) before my neuro-surgeon decided that it was time to consider surgery. On June 2nd,2005 I... (2 replies)
... Here is the scoop, I am 25 in the US Marines and have already had a disketomy 4 years ago that lasted with good results till now. ... (4 replies)
Disketomy L5-S1
Dec 20, 2004
... Hi there, No, I am not too sure what this might be. To me it seems as though you should be in contact with your doctor again and find out exactly what kind of program you should be on, as far as weights and workouts go. I'm surprised he didn't recommend a physical therapist. You should also be up front with him and demand answers to your questions and concerns. If you are... (1 replies)
... I am attempting to reword my question, as I have not had any response to my previous post. I am 9 weeks into my c4-c6 cervical disketomy/fusion. I wonder how long you have worn your cervical collar after the surgery. (0 replies)
... I began with what they classified as started on pain pills..etc. This was 3 years ago. Had C5 disketomy in July 2003, adn will be undergoing revision surgery and C4 within a month...and I have gained nearly 40lbs. ... (9 replies)
Annular tear
Jan 4, 2004
... I am also new to this site and have learned alot in the past hours on here,and this board has done alot in my mind seeing how everyone copes with modern day life. My question is: I am 34 years old and started having back problems in 2000,it is a w/c injury. First i had two herniated disks at L-4 L-5S-1,at the time I had to go through the valley with my company doctor then he... (0 replies)
... I havent had surgery yet my date is jan 28th for the first one a c2,c3 disketomy and fusion the secone one will come about 6 to 8 weeks after a lamiendectomy mass lateral fusion from c3 to c7 this was brand new yesterday morning couldnt get ahold of the NS but got ahold of my own doc who said he felt there was more compression on my chord at c2 level it is about 1/2 way in the... (11 replies)
... I have a Select Comfort number bed. I wish I had bought it years ago or as soon as it came on hte market. I had years of pain while trying to sleep. I hurt my back in 1978 and it is now getting real bad. I bought the Select Comfort bed almost a year ago. The first couple nights were painful but then I havent had a painful night since! I actually sleep pain free on the thing.... (6 replies)
... I've got a couple questions I could use some input on. I just had a laminectomy and disketomy on L5,L6 in October. Unfortunately, the darn thing reherniated and I'm experiencing the same pain, only now I have a scar on my back.. ... (6 replies)
... c3 disketomy and fusion the second op a mass lateral fusion lamindectomy.I have a surgry date of jan 28th. ... (14 replies)
... ve just so im a little more careful after my op. i had an appointment today to see a different surgeon, and he got my hopes up and said i may only need to have a disketomy as oppossed to the full on fusion with hardware, but by the time i left he said that i will need the fusion so that was a little bump in the roller coaster ride. ... (20 replies)
... I had a lami/disk on Jan. 22 of this year. After the surgery, he told me that the L5/S1 were very loose and may need a fusion in the future. My pain in my legs and back did not go away. I went back to him on March 20th and he thinks that since he already knew that a fusion is needed, and I have continued pain, surgery should be scheduled. This last Thursday I got a pain in... (3 replies)

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