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... Well the disogram just got cancelled, the reason was that my health insurance will authorize the disogram but not surgery so they said there is no point in getting the disogram because they wouldn't be able to do surgery. ... (10 replies)
Please help!!!
Nov 29, 2005
... I was scheduled for IDET in October but cancelled it as everything I have read was telling me I wasn't a candidate for it. So I went for a second opinion and this is where I'm concused now! He did however agree that IDET was not for me, so lucky I have made the right choice reguarding that. I have a herniation, grade 5 tear and DDD at L3/L4, (pain generator per discogram),... (9 replies)
... Thank you everyone for your input, I will wait to see my dr and ask about the exercises. I just scheduled a disogram for March 21st, so I guess I will know for sure then what is going on in my back. ... (10 replies)

Please help!!!
Nov 30, 2005
... an appointment to go back to my Neruosurgeon. I had called her after the discogram to she if what PM wanted to do was ok because when I first saw her before the disogram she was talking about fusion. She agreed with PM for me to try invasive surgery first which was back in June, which would of been the IDET. ... (9 replies)
... Have you asked for a discogram? Dan (9 replies)
... starfish how long did it take for them to do a disogram on you after you were hurt? ... (9 replies)
... on it and the first IME guy said I was at MMI! This is with a positvie EMG and MRI! Had a disogram done through my health insurance as I have been fighting for 8 months to get one and it is positive for 2 tears at two levels and hernations! ... (8 replies)
... creates tons of presser in my lumbar. The pain in my legs seems to be S1 and in the foot seems to be L5 and S2 per the "nerve chart". My drs are looking to do a disogram to see if my discs are damaged, they are looking to do L3, L4 and L5, but my insurance co. has deny the procedure until I see one of there drs. ... (5 replies)
... i had the disogram about 9 years ago. in fact i had two of them, the first one was awful. i mean awful. ... (15 replies)
... Hello all. I am new here and have been reading and reading so many informative and familiar posts! I was injured ~2 years ago in a car accident. ive done chiro, acupuncture, 3 epidural shots, PT, I had the nerves burned in my back and an emg.. nothing seemed to work.. ive had 2 MRIs done which showed I have 2 herniated buldging discs with stenosis in my L3-L4 & L4-L5 and EMG... (5 replies)
... 10+ years of dealing with this and my pain is up to 7/10 or 8/10 at times. I have pelvic pain pain and numbness, sexual dysfunction, severe lower back pain, and some tingling in the feet. I had a MRI and a CT scan done recently. Results: Mri- L4-L5 There are mild posterior annular degenerative changes. The disc is intact. The spinal canal and neural foramina are... (3 replies)
... Had back fusion in 2003 l4-5. Very successful. For the past 9 months have had pain in legs, back and thighs. Had injections, discography, and mylogram. Disogram showed two bad disc (L1-2 and L2-3). Went to the surgeons office yesterday he said I needed lumbar salvage surgery. It is as follows: Fusion L1-2 and L2-3, disc removal/replacement L3-4 L5-S1, remove hardware... (8 replies)
... I have a followup question, I had a CT scan and Disogram last week, there seem to be some admin issues as I await the results. ... (3 replies)
Disogram today!
Oct 26, 2010
... I did have one done and it was not as bad as i thought. I was kept asleep then woken up right after needles were inserted in my disc so I could tell them where the pain was coming from. As soon as I yelled i was back asleep very quickly. I had a ct run right after. I will tell you I was in alot of pain after this procedure for a week and the first 3 days were horrible! My pain... (1 replies)
Disogram today!
Oct 26, 2010
... Has anyone had this done and if so any advice or insight before I go? I'm really scared.. (1 replies)
... Let the Dr know you are very scared. I was lucky mine gave me versed to relax me. The pain comes from the bad discs. . If it hurts its a disc if there is no pain it not a disc. What other test gives you instant answers.:) i'm not making light of it you read my post I cried and let out a few yells. Humor gets me through everything and joking with the nurses and dr helped me... (7 replies)
... I am scheduled for a disogram this coming Friday. I am scared to death! ... (7 replies)
New Member...
Jun 19, 2007
... I had the disogram done, and I was not sedated for mine and the pain was unbelievable and it hung in there for quite a while for me. ... (7 replies)
Second Fusion
Apr 27, 2007
... I am new here and need help I seem to have the same problem as many people. Been disabled with my back since 1989. Have stenosis, L5 shattered disc per disogram,two weeks ago, never damage down left leg and a lil down right, have degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis, arthrtis, stenosis, etc.. you name it oh yeah L3 and L4 and S1 are all severely bulging. I am referred to a... (12 replies)
Need some help
Feb 12, 2007
... p Doc in the area but I think that since the pt and him work for the same hospital he is trying to pass me off. I had 2 other noted spine docs tell me before the disogram that my back needs to be fused have an appt. ... (4 replies)

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