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... adding sig ------------------ -28 year old male -6'0" 195 pounds -5 years chronic pain in lower back -Little to no leg pain -Done PT, 2 epidurals, and NSAIDs -MRI shows herniation in L5-S1 -diskogram confirmed diskogenic pain in L5-S1 and L4-L5 (16 replies)
... Sum One, How are you doing? ------------------ -28 year old male -6'0" 195 pounds -5 years chronic pain in lower back -Little to no leg pain -Done PT, 2 epidurals, and NSAIDs (13 replies)
... Bliss, A good friend of mine cracked one of his vertebrae while snowboarding. He was hurting for a while and had to take it easy. He stayed away from anything too rowdy, but wasn't even that conservative and it got better on it's own. Now, he is snowboarding (and still falling) and he is totally fine. He is sore every now and then, but isn't everyone? Anyway, I... (21 replies)

... kimdoc and Keneth, It too am interested in how many passes the doctor plans to do with the perc-d spine wand. I have read the instructions for doctors and it says to do 6 passes, 1 each at 12, 2, 4 ,6 ,8, and 10 o'clock. I wonder if some doctors do more or less depending on the patient's disc. Interesting... ------------------ -28 year old male -6'0" 195 pounds... (18 replies)
... Not sure about recovery time. I have been told (by my Physiatrist) 2-4 weeks, but that sounds relatively optimistic. I am considering nucleoplasty. Let us know how you do. Good luck! ------------------ -28 year old male -6'0" 195 pounds -5 years chronic pain in lower back -Little to no leg pain -Done PT, 2 epidurals, and NSAIDs (6 replies)
... They could help the pain with DDD by reducing the swelling and protrusion of the discs. regarding DDD: I think this is a bullsh$* diagnosis. It's a copout for a doc to say you have DDD. Practically everybody does! It's part of the aging process. A proper diagnosis for pain is more like a herniation that is evidentally causing pressure on a nearby nerve root, evidence... (21 replies)
... Good luck to both you! I re-read my post and wanted to apologize if I sounded insensetive! Sorry. I know what the depression and debilitation feels like and I am sorry if it sounded that I was making light of the situation. With that said, I agree with Bcorica about not accepting the doctor's telling you that there's nothing that can be done to improve your situation. ... (11 replies)
... Dude, you're pretty messed up. Just seem like you have a good sense of humor so I thought I could poke some fun at you. But seriously, that sucks. You defnitely qualify to post here, so don't feel silly. Have you seen a Physiatrist and asked about IDET and nucleoplasty? Look these two terms up on google if you don't know what they are. Also,... (11 replies)
... missee: I'm not sure about whether you can see stenosis on x-rays. I think that the important question you should be asking is, "What do I do about my back pain". The hard truth about ALL back procedures is that the success rates are not that great. So, first try everything you can before getting surgery. Regardless of what your actual diagnosis is, the steps to... (1 replies)
... No one mentioned this, but if you are going to start taking anti-inflamatories, make sure you take them after a meal; NEVER on an empty stomach. Most anti-inflamatories irritate your stomach, especially when taking them for a while. You won't feel a stomach ache or anything at first, but they slowly wear down your stomach lining after time. The worst stomach irritants are... (21 replies)
... Regarding your decision to have surgery or not, here are my thoughts. This is a very personal decision. As far as back surgery goes, the fact of the matter is that the success rates are really not that great, regardless of which procedure you choose. I have heard of some people feeling great immediately after their procedure as well as people feeling worse than before... (3 replies)

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