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... free. My legs were also very fatigued after my EMG. It just took a day of resting for them to feel normal again. When do you find out the results of your tests? ... (2 replies)
Discogram and EMG
Sep 10, 2004
... I was not given any meds before the disco. no IV meds. and I white knukled it. I was told if you have possitive results from the disco its off to surgery. at least this is what I was told. but I was very nieve' then. now I ask, learn, ask, learn....... ... (6 replies)
... my last issue was I was awaiting an EMG and it seemed like it was taking forever to get the approval for the test. ... (11 replies)

... literally bone to bone and an EMG revealed severe nerve compression. ... (2 replies)
... river rat, hi, in answer to your questions,I have been through many injections and emgs as a result of herniated C-6-7 and recently surgery on the inside of my spinal cord to remove some rather nasty bleeding blood vessels,so i have learned way more than I ever wanted to about the neck.First of all the pain and the fingers involved all definitley point to the C-6 as your... (5 replies)
... I had an EMG a couple months ago. For mine, they definitely didn't use any anesthetic cream or anything and it was somewhat painful. Mine was about 2 hours long. ... (9 replies)
... amyms- Welcome to the boards. You will be having your surgery one day after Randee, the same day as Davidc, and 6 days before me. There will sure be a lot of us celebrating a new phase of our life! Good Luck to you. I know you're scared - we all are. But, as I said before, if you and your doctor are convinced this is the way to go, and you've had a second opinion, then... (19 replies)
... Awww, Tomorrow- You have been extremely supportive. I know it's hard for you to encourage those of us with upcoming surgery when you're having so many continued problems. But, you do an excellent job of that! I, like you, just try to be there for people and all we can do is share our experiences - good or bad. Each of us is different, and we should all expect different... (12 replies)
... Hey He who Remains Upright- What is this 'Back Seat'? I haven't seen it mentioned. Also, how long have you had the Tens unit? How often do you use it? Do they implant those things after a test period? My aunt is suffering from a herniated disk, and lots of pain (she's 85). I suggested she ask about one of those. Good to hear from you. O'Girl ------------------... (8 replies)
... All I got was a list of medications and herbs to quit 7-10 days prior to surgery. They make sense, because they are anti-inflamitories and blood thinnner things. What's up with the food? What else was on your list? O'Girl ------------------ 20 years intermittent back pain - no treatment sought Nov 2001 - herniated disk - Right leg radiculopathy Jan 2002 -... (1 replies)
... trying- OMG, 8 failed back surgeries! I'm so sorry. Not from your area and can't help with your question, but wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. O'Girl ------------------ 20 years intermittent back pain - no treatment sought Nov 2001 - herniated disk - Right leg radiculopathy Jan 2002 - Chiropractic care Mar 2002 - MRI, X-Rays, Oral steroids (3 replies)
... LMV x 2- Thanks for asking those questions. That gives us a general idea of what to expect, at least, even though I know everyone's dr has his/her own opinion... One more thing - I know when I woke up from my discectomy, I had never been so COLD in my life. This time, I plan on telling the operating room nurse or doctor to make sure they put about 20 blankets on me... (23 replies)
... hoofinit- Please discuss with your doctor about your pain shifting from extremity pain to your back. I know a discectomy will not help with back pain, but am not sure about the lami. I know this from experience - and my doctor had told me that before I had the discectomy. But, the leg/butt pain was so very awful, I think it was masking just how bad my back was hurting,... (13 replies)
... Are you guys nuts? I don't want to see anything they put in there! Tomorrow- I'm so sorry you are still having all those problems. The cybertech brace is a lot of plastic and velcro with adjustable 'strings' in the back (Looks like guitar strings or something). I'm sure it will be a gentle reminder, but probably not enough to keep me completely immobile. He actually... (12 replies)
... MPT- Be careful! If you are experiencing more back pain instead of leg pain, the micro-d is not for you! I had the micro-d 4/02, and at that time was experiencing intense leg pain that was overshadowing the back pain. My neuro said the surgery would NOT help back pain, and he was right. Now I'm facing fusion for the back pain that probably should have been addressed all... (29 replies)
... Tomorrow- I have a 'cybertech' brace that I was fitted for a year ago, and the neuro has said he may have me wear it for a few weeks after surgery, even though I'm having the 360 fusion. I personally think it's a good idea - if even for a 'gentle' reminder not to make certain moves. But, I'm concerned about the muscles becoming dependent on the bracing. Well, I guess... (12 replies)
... kini I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this while you're pregnant! When is your baby due? Actually, nerve pain that radiates from the neck/back usually affects only one side. Maybe there are some stretches you can do that may help - look it up on the internet; I know there's lots of info out there for the lumbar area. Good Luck O'Girl ------------------ (3 replies)
Medication results
Oct 25, 2003
... Linda- I know my neuro told me the same area of the brain that registers pain also controls our emotions. That's why some antidepressants actually help with pain. But, on the flip side, I just don't know. I do know you need to give an antidepressant at least 4 weeks to get the full benefit. Also, if you are experiencing quite a bit of pain, don't count on the... (4 replies)
... kini23- I'm sorry no one has come along to help you. I, myself, don't know a thing about cervical pain. But, this will bump the thread up for you. Good Luck O'Girl ------------------ 20 years intermittent back pain - no treatment sought Nov 2001 - herniated disk - Right leg radiculopathy (3 replies)
... cardinal- First, congratulations on quitting smoking again! I know it took me at least 3 times before it finally worked. Second, it just seems like you need to sit down with your doctor and ask all the questions you have. If he won't give you the time, go somewhere else. I wish I had the answers for you, but I don't. O'Girl ------------------ 20 years... (3 replies)

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