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... rch the doctors in my area for a neuro or ortho who specializes in back problems and get myself in to see one, taking along all copies of the tests I've had. The EMG and the MRI's clearly showed the L5 disc is pressing on the sciatic nerve and is the culprit, and there must be something that can be done. ... (5 replies)
... S1 which resulted in very bad nerve damage. I had an EMG test done was well, and i have been told is "it looks to be permanent". This is what five doctors have told me. ... (3 replies)
EMG results......
Jan 16, 2008
... Well, I had my EMG this afternoon..OUCH.. Good news is that the pain in my left leg is still residual irritation and not permanent nerve damge. ... (11 replies)

... EMG showed significant nerve damage from one of the disks that is degenerated. What is usually the next steps? I had surgery 2.5 years ago (Discectomy at L5-S1) and now that I re-herniated that level. The nerve damage is at the level above. I have a lot of low back pain and pins and needles and shooting pain in both legs and feet. I already had a lot of injections. I am... (1 replies)
... Hey Angie... we could be bad back twins! I too show denervation at S1 right leg muscle atrophy & some compression at L5 left (mri confirmed by emg). My neuro surgeon wants me to wait at this time & to see if I become more symptomatic & to get more active. Of course I'm fine with this as I am more sore, feeling pressure (which is uncomfortable but manageable) and numbness in... (4 replies)
Emg Results!
Jan 17, 2006
... Hi all. I just received the narrative report from my doctor for the EMG/NCS. The test was of the upper and lower extremities. Here is a summary of what the report said: a. left upper extremity revealed normal motor latency, conduction velocity and amplitude for the median motor nerve. The ulnar nerve was tested both above and below the elbow. There was no slowing. b.... (2 replies)
... Robin, Don't get discouraged. Many times these EMG test say, "Negative or Inconclusive" - so did mine.. and I have no feeling, twitching, spasms and intractable pain throughout my entire left side hip to toe. Yes, see another Dr and I pray you get the answers you seek (3 replies)
... hmm i dunno wat a emg is but i have some of ur symptons after a s1,l5 descetomy except when i walk the back of my lower leg hurts like a cramping and the front hurts from my toes up to my shin,when im at rest i just keep a fuzzy feeling or a buzzing feeling.only answer i have got from doctor is maybe s1 nerve damage.i am now just waiting for my next appt,i will post anything i... (3 replies)
... I know a little bit about MRI terminology but not much. I can try to break it down for you. I know, all of the big words seem a little intimadating, but in the age of computers, they are becoming more and more accessible to lay people to learn. EMG: LEft lower extremity study reveals a borderline peroneal F latency and mild H-reflex delay compatible with lumbosacral root... (5 replies)
Emg results
Jun 30, 2002
... I didn't get the "actual" results that day, but the doctor told me I had neuropathy. Then got the results back and they came back normal. Figure that one out. ... (11 replies)
Emg results
Jun 30, 2002
... I've done massage therapy too. I'm back to bad again and my surgeon thinks he can help me by fusing the two bad discs. I've not had an EMG though, wondering if I should ask? ... (11 replies)
Emg results
Jun 30, 2002
... I'm new to these boards, so first I'll say hello to all, and I hope and pray we all find relief. As far as the EMG tests go, I've had 3 so far, and out of those 3, two gave me some sort of answer as to what they saw on the film. I hope this helps. ... (11 replies)
... I have not had an EMG for the back problems but in the past I had it done twice in the neck for cervical rib problems. In fact I had one extra cervical rib on each side. ... (5 replies)
... Hi EMTSHIRL: Thanks for the reply. I was on Skelaxin and Vicodin as needed for pain but since my 2nd EPI, I only use the Skelaxin at night along with Tylenol PM. Otherwise, I'm med free. I went the whole gammit. I did Flexoril, Soma, Valium, Vicodin, Vioxx, Celebrex (not all at the same time!lol!) Ive been reading everyone's posts but I don't remember your story. after I... (5 replies)
... Well, I had my EMG today. It really wasn't too bad. The worse part for me was when he would jiggle the needles. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, Sorry I can't help with the definitions of your emg findings. I wanted to find out from you if the test hurts and how much. I go in two week for one. ... (1 replies)
... pon physical exam, basic neurologic exam, and after listening carefully to the description of your symptoms and how they affect your life. He will also fold the EMG results into the mix to assess to what extend the nerves are compressed. ... (5 replies)
EMG Results
Jun 14, 2012
... Well, I'd say you have plenty of reasons to be ignoring your own health issues. I'm sorry to hear of your husband's battle. but i really thought i was going to be pain free after the epidural..... I am sorry you were misinformed. I think it is relatively rare that a first ESI makes a big difference. I do have one friend that had that good fortune...but I think she is... (19 replies)
EMG Results
Jun 14, 2012
... some material from the disc is leaking out which can either cause further nerve compression or it can put off a chemical that is very irritating to the nerve and results in the same type of pain. ... (19 replies)
... lped alot with my central pain syndrome and my RSD,but the side effects with my eyes and my walking were too much so i had to stop taking it.but i did have great results with it.just like with any other med,some will have some side effects and some wont,but this med should at least be tried if you have tried others to no avail. ... (3 replies)

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