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... Hello, Angie I am glad you were able to get some partial results today. Did your doc say what the plan was is it conservative with meds and pt? ... (3 replies)
... Just got my results back today from Neurologist he found a Bulging disk in my middle of back he said 7-8 level, then found a Bulging disk L-5 and S1 that is irratating a nerve. He put me on a 12 day supply of Steroids, and to see him in 3 weeks. My question is what is going to fix this problem--- This is a w/c case but has gone pretty fast as I got an atty a few weeks ago to... (0 replies)
... I posted on the spinal board, need help. My results are: radiculopathy on c1-c7 and L1-l5. Numbness in feet, arm and leg, neck and face and ear, and pain!history: fusion c 5-6-7 March 2003, L5/S1 disc removed no fusion, now collapsed.(1999) DDD, arthritis, and L3-5 bulging. Am I hopeless?? This back deal started about 20 yrs ago so I,m afraid the nerve damage is permanent.... (4 replies)

Emg results
Jun 30, 2002
... I got my results right away too. My referring doctor was my pain management doctor and he was the one that performed the test too. ... (11 replies)
... falling down, my right leg would just give out. My leg was so weak. I went in for my monthly visit and told the doc about this and he said he wanted me to get an emg he said the office would schedule it and call me. No changes in meds! ... (10 replies)
... surgery, saying it was not "medically necessary." As I gathered various pieces of my records for the appeal, I learned that most companies will not consider the results from an EMG as proof that there is nerve compression. ... (1 replies)
... Just trying to get a roundabout idea regarding results vs symptoms. ... (5 replies)
... NCS done a few years back in the earlier stages of my spinal journey. The results were "inconclusive". ... (9 replies)
... I see my GP per usual procedure. He confirms my foot drop. He calls my neurosurgeon. Neurosurgeon calls me at home and tells me I'm going to have an EMG done. ... (15 replies)
... painful or the symptoms are there DURING that actual test. while an EMG is a great test to show or rule out direct impaired nerve flow, thats about it as far as what it really is good for. ... (5 replies)
... and I'd be very pleased with the results. I asked about side effects, and he said that everything came with risk, but the results would be worth it. I'm waiting until after the EMG results to make a decision. Do you have any knowledge about EMGs? ... (21 replies)
... I am pondering requesting an EMG test, soly as my nerve pains have been severe since last July when I got hurt. ... (9 replies)
... Well, I saw the surgeon this AM. He feels that the nerve pain is definitely due to the nerve damage. Feels that with the results of the MRI it shows that the issue is inside the nerve as there is no further compression anywhere that they can see. ... (18 replies)
... had several of them...a couple for my cervical spine area...and now one for my lumbar spine area. I guess I am not the best person to ask.....the cervical spine EMG actually showed an inconclusive report..which actually amazed could that be... ... (3 replies)
... The doctor who did my EMG today did suggest that there might be some possible surgeries performed that might help things out, though I didn't really grasp much of what he was saying. ... (17 replies)
... I SEE Glad I asked! Thanks brendaks, I had no idea, sounds like it's not going to show much for me, eventually if this keeps up I think dr is going to order one, but with that, I dont see a reason to push for being zapped unless HE orders it, instead of me requesting it LOL I know they would not do a discogram, as that is normally just done prior to surgery to ensure they... (9 replies)
... One doctor explained to me that an EMG will only show if a nerve is being compressed while you are laying down on your back as you do for the test. ... (9 replies)
... Also I wish you good luck and wish to hear the results of emg. ... (4 replies)
EMG Report
Mar 25, 2013
... for example, it is only as good as the person giving the test and the person interpreting the results. You will get different results on different days. ... (46 replies)
... and she said that he may be checking to see if there is damage from another nerve. One would think that the EMG would have shown that, but maybe not. Just another question for the neurologist when I see him. ... (8 replies)

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