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Back and hip pain
Jan 31, 2012
... First of all, when you hear a doctor say you have arthritis in your back, it does not necessarily present in the same way as arthritis in other joints in the body. ... (11 replies)
... nfortunately, sometimes we don't need an accident or fall, etc to spark off problems....they just happen. I don't think we know why some people go all their life and never have a problem and others have trouble. I believe some of it is genetic.. Does arthritis run in your family? ... (3 replies)
... The ESI are just a name for the shots. They do them anywhere. I had them in my shoulder. Facet Joint Injections are done in the facet joints. You would have to look at a pic of the spine to see the facets. They are the things that are like a zipper to the side of your discs. ... (9 replies)

... Sadly all arthritis has no real cure. ... (7 replies)
... I believe you are referring to arthrosis. This is a term that refers to the "wear and tear" that occurs to the moveable joints of the spine...similar to arthritis. It usually goes hand in hand with degenerative disc disease... ... (2 replies)
... of L3, L4, L5 with facet clean out as well. I had a great summer of biking and hiking, etc with minimal issues due to my spine. ... (5 replies)
... claudication, of course I thought of that too when I read the first post here. Schragie, I'm glad that you are able to stretch and not having pain bending backwards or forwards. However, keep an eye on that over time, as I did not have those pains at first either. ... (19 replies)
... What type of doctor are you seeing and that told you "nothing to worry about? ... (2 replies)
... I think I am some better some days..................I did do a luncheon this week, and got my RED HAT SOCIETY BUNCH ready to go. AND worked on this JUNK SALE, so that is something. I still get into a lot of trouble with this slipped FACET, my, what a pain. ... (357 replies)
... in June, 2000. They removed the disk and used my hip bone to fill in the disk space. I, too, still have pain and weird sensations in my arms and hands. I was told I had arthritis of the facet joints in neck and that is what is causing my pain. ... (3 replies)
Mri Report
Nov 25, 2006
... this is going to affect your spine. I think you need to change some things in your life. If this is an issue that you can't do alone, get help, loose the weight, and the pain mgt. will get easier. Looking at surgery as the only option to rid yourself of pain is not always the right path. ... (11 replies)
... Wow, it looks as if you have had a lot of testing. I will try and help you out with some of your report. ... (3 replies)
... Started feeling more and more pain on R side. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, Last week I was given an 2 MRI's due to my insistence after severe back pain for the past 2 years. The nurse called and told me my MRI showed degenerative changes and they would see if a neurosurgeon thought I should be seen. That is all they told me. ... (1 replies)
... Some people swear by an inversion table. In fact, when I first began to be bothered with sciatic pain, I took advice I had read online and bought one. It sat in the box in my front hall for about five years, unopened! ... (7 replies)
Lumbar MRI
Jul 31, 2014
... the spine, the thoracic area, is a result of osteoporosis. Due to the location of the rib cage in relation to the thoracic spine, doctors seldom treat thoracic spine issues aggressively. ... (4 replies)
... If I were in your position, I would make an appointment with a spine specialist from another practice. Obviously we are not doctors....just fellow sufferers who share information based on personal experience... ... (11 replies)
... caught up with me. I am 52 now. The back started getting bad around May of 07. I didnt get much time after the neck fusion, till the next nightmare. I was in NYC and walked A LOT. I noticed at night, I would be limping badly from all that walking. It mostly hurt in the butt and hip. ... (7 replies)
... ray..It was negative. Usually when the pain is most severe in when I lean forward and to the right. Something definitely gets pinced, then for the next week I can't walk, sit, or stand.. and we repeat this cycle about every 6 weeks.. ... (3 replies)
... toms, I was expecting to see stenosis on your MRI. This is a narrowing of either a foramina, which is an opening through which the spinal nerves exit the spine, and the central canal, where the bundle of nerves known as the cauda equina is located. ... (3 replies)

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