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... mild central protrusion of the disc. Also, suspected L5 spondylolysis... ... (3 replies)
... The facet joints are small joints located at each vertebral level. They allow us to bend and twist within the spinal column. ... (13 replies)
... All I know is that I have FACET ARTHROPATHY at 3 levels. The MRI report said I had 2 kinds of stenosis at 2 levels and just one kind at another level. ... (2 replies)

... a 7 at present. ... (1 replies)
... I am having mild lower back pain, and leg pains, associated with that stomach problem. I had done MRI scan the report says the following: 1. Partially lumbarised S1 vertebra 2. Right facet arthropathy is seen at L5-S1 level causing right foraminal narrowing 3. Screening of rest of the spine reveals mild posterior disc-osteophytic complex at C6-7 level indenting the thecal... (0 replies)
... degenerative in nature. The remainder of the lumbar vertebra are normal. The conus medullaris terminates at the L1 vertebral level. ... (2 replies)
... moderate central stenosis but unchanged. mild facet arthropathy at this level. ... (1 replies)
... Can anyone help me i would like to start a thread, but cant? Where do i go...thankyou. (7 replies)
... I have bilateral facet arthropathy at all 3 levels. and disk bulges. ... (7 replies)
... the bulging disc and facet arthropathy are contributing to cause a narrowing in the foramen and also in the central canal. ... (7 replies)
... Yes, I have the slipping L5 over S1 with L4 root compression & spondylosis w/myelopathy, lumbar region, facet arthropathy at L3-4 w/synovial cyst & focal prominent spondylitic changes at T11-T12. I'm happy to try anything, just to make the pain go away, which is never does. I don't actually sleep on my stomach but do take breaks during the day lying on my stomach. It's... (6 replies)
Jan 31, 2011
... Ok, TT. Now you have my attention! "Unique"? How so? I may have posted before, but here are the MRI conclusions: 1. Grade 1 spondyloisthesis of L5 on S1 (this one I understand0 2. Facet arthropathy at L3-L4 with 4x8 mm synovial cyst with thecal sac & L4 nerve root compression 3. Focal prominent spondylitic changes at T11-T12 (9 replies)
MRI Results--Vent!
Jan 26, 2011
... Grade 1 spondylothesis of L5 on S1. ... (10 replies)
... S1. Mild osteophytic spurring at the anterior margins of L3, 4, and 5. No facet arthropathy present. ... (13 replies)
... spondylosis facet arthropathy , central canal stonosis mod. ... (26 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with these back/spine problems. The doctor did explain some of what is going,but the whole time it felt like a blur because I was so upset and nervous. I'm seeing a specialist soon. In the mean time is there anyone that can help me understand what is wrong with my back, or give any advice etc? My doctor told me it's bad! How bad is bad in my case?? ... (7 replies)
... S1 there is as grade I anterolisthesis measureing approximately 7 mm. This is related to severe facet joint arthropathy. There is associated posterior disc bulging. Extensive degenerative endplate marrow change is seen. There are also scattered Schmorl's nodes. ... (0 replies)
... If I do not have surgery and my condition worsens, is there a chance of paralysis? Has anyone had this happen. I have a fear of being in a car accident and having to undergo emergency surgery too. Anyone out there who has had to have emergency surgery? Condition: spondylolisthesis gr 2 at L5, S1 with facet arthropathy and mild encroachment on the neural foramina... (7 replies)
... S1 protrusion is associated with encroachment on the traversing S1 roots. ... (0 replies)
... Again seen is an enhancing intradural lesion in the left spnal canal at the L2 level. This is without significant change in size and appearance from four years ago. ... (10 replies)

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