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... mild disc bulge greater to the left. Tear of the posterior annulus of the disc on the left. Moderately advanced facet arthropathy. Mild narrowing of the neural foramina. ... (0 replies)
... (40 replies)
... Lower lumbar spine facet arthrosis.Mild bilateral sacroiliac joint osteoporosis. ... (40 replies)

... Mild bilateral facet arthropathy. ... (56 replies)
... mm in AP dimension. The central canal is 12 mm in AP dimension. The bilateral neuroforamina are moderately narrowed, especially on the right. There is a mild facet disease. ... (3 replies)
... Circumferential disc bulge with mild spinal canal narrowing. Mild bilateral neruoforaminal narrowing and mild facet arthropathy. ... (19 replies)
EMG Positve
Nov 24, 2015
... Circumferential disc bulge with mild spinal canal narrowing. Mild bilateral neruoforaminal narrowing and mild facet arthropathy. ... (14 replies)
... sided facet subluxation with mild facet arthropathy. ... (11 replies)
... and mild bilateral facet arthropathy. ... (7 replies)
... Central spinal canal is borderline in size at this level. There is mild narrowing of the inferior neural foramina. There is AGAIN bilateral facet arthropathy. ... (8 replies)
... Clinical History Bilateral leg weakness/low back pain/hyperreflexia Comparison None Technique Routine MRI of the cervical spine and lumbar spine without contrast (4 replies)
... My wife has facet arthropathy bilaterally at L4-L5 and L5-S1. We are looking for minimally invasive spinal surgery. (0 replies)
... Disc narrowing. Generalized disc protrusion without central or foraminal stenosis. Mild facet arthropathy. ... (6 replies)
... Hi Paula. I had a herniated L5/s1. The first orthopedic surgeon wanted to first do a miscrodiscectomy then wanted to to a complete fusion a month later! I thought that was a bit drastic so I went to another orthopedic surgeon who wound up performing a hemilaminectomy -- where they basically cut off the portion of the disc pressing on your nerve and leave the rest of it in... (11 replies)
... I had a spinal fusion in Nov 2004, from T5 to L5, I had adult onset idopathic scoliosis. I was losing height went from 5'8" to 5' 4" in less than 6 months, I had severe lumbar pain, and pain in my thoracic back as well. The surgeon feels like the surgery was very successful, and in terms of straightening my back he would be correct. What he does not seem to get is that I... (10 replies)
... Injections for over a year equals chronic pain syndrome. Orthopedic surgeons are looking at surgury which means $. Go to a site on Prolotherapy and read up on it. (11 replies)
... Paula, is there a physical therapist in your area that does manual adjustments? My therapist is able to adjust my SI when it rotates out of place. But, I agree - you need to find your pain generator. My SI dysfunction is a "result" of my bulging disc, not the actual "cause" of my pain. Good luck! (11 replies)
... S1 with annular tear and mild multilevel facet arthropathy. ... (11 replies)
... mild disc bulge with right foraminal disc protusion. Facet arthropathy is also noted. no evidence of spinal stenosis or neural formainal narrowing. ... (54 replies)
... S1 contacting the S1 nerve roots. ... (1 replies)

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