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... size of uterus and the fact i had a lot of scar tissue from previous 3 csections. saw a orthopedic and reviewed the MRI and ordered me to have a ganglion impar block and to start taking gabapentin. which i did.. impar block seemed to help for about 5 days.. did not get much for my money on that one. ... (7 replies)
... S1 Issue you also has DDD. so we have to go for Facet Block Injection so I agree on that.... ... (5 replies)
... f something is not working. He put me on MS Contin 3 times a day and Norco for breakthrough pain, after I said the dilaudid and Opana ER was not working. I had a facet block injection last week and was totally numb in my right leg. I could barely walk for two days. ... (4 replies)

... years ago. A year ago you had an epidural steroid injection which helped for awhile. ... (5 replies)
... yesterday, and he agreed that me discontinuing physical therapy was a good idea, since it has not helped the pain at all. He said the next step would be to get a facet block injection. Has anyone ever had those before? ... (4 replies)
... I Am 34 and weight is 68 kg. 2.5 years ago I was seating on floor suddenly my wife shout out loudly so standup and at that time I was like hang up on my place and with the help of wife I could walk to bed. after that I thought I may be a little bit type of jerk in back so just taken pain killers but didn't stop then I got acidity in urination so gone through various doctors to... (5 replies)
Facet Block
Jun 20, 2002
... every 4 hours. This just takes the edge off my pain. Upon my last visit to her she felt that most of my pain is coming from the facet joint and recommended a facet block injection. ... (10 replies)
... Had both of these procedures...the facet joint injection puts the steroid into the facet joint. The medial branch block dumps numbing stuff on the nerve. I didn't have great success with the facet injections...helped a little...the branch block was like wow...pain all gone... ... (10 replies)
... I saw your post and it made me feel more secure. I've had about 4 facet injections over the last eight years. I'm going to get my first medial branch block on July 19th. I don't know when the second one will be, but if I do well, they will schedule the rhizotomy. ... (10 replies)
... and had facet joint injection four days ago. To date my history is 2 SI injections, 1 nerve root block and this fact joint injection all over 2 year period. I'd really appreciate input on this one as I'm extremely tender still and not sure if that's to be expected. ... (11 replies)
... r long term pain...yeah, we understand all of this...most of us have been through the pain and waiting and trying this procedure and that one. The medial branch block is just that,,,,it doesn't really hurt any more or less than the facet joint injection....BUT, it is only a block, it doesn't last for more than several hours... ... (10 replies)
... Hi... You may also ask your Dr about radiofrequency lesioning of facet nerve... ... (4 replies)
... Hi all. I am scheduled to have a bilaterial facet joint injection on Tuesday in the sacro-lumbar area. Is this the same as a medial branch block? Also, what can I expect in terms of pain and recovery? They are not going to use any cortisone because I am a type I diabetic. They will use a local only and if it helps then I will have a neurotomy on these areas. Thanks so... (3 replies)
... I've been searching the boards for information on my upcoming Medial Branch Block and while doing so have found something called a Facet Joint Injection... are these two procedures the same things? ... (10 replies)
Facet block
May 9, 2002
... if that doesn't work then i will do the facet block,but my question to you is did you ever have a cortizone injection? ... (7 replies)
... The Dr told me he was going to deaden the nerve in my hips, He gave me one in each hip, and One on each side of my hardware, They never told me if I had arthritis ? He told me it was to test, if the pain would temperarly stop.If it worked he had a long term plan for me . It helped, But my left leg has been thumping worse than ever, BUT my hips feel better, So that has to be... (34 replies)
... It was my understanding that a facet joint injection is an ESI, they just shoot into your facet joint and not your spine. Four is a little much, if they are the same. ... (34 replies)
... I had facet cortizone shots 3 months ago and dr first used local anesthesia at joint, and then hit me with shot.... ... (4 replies)
... so... is the facet joint injection the same as a radiofrequency neurotomy? ... (10 replies)
Facet block
May 9, 2002
... hi!i had an epidural steriod injection together with a myelogram and ct scan. ... (7 replies)

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