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... I have some questions for those who would like to share their experiences with me. I just under went back surgery 5 weeks ago. ... (14 replies)
... a fusion done on my L4. after my first surgery six months later I had a second surgery done to try and remove scar tissue and pieces of bone fragments. After my first surgery I was unable to feel my left leg afterwards. It took 4 wks. Before I was even able to move my leg on my own. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for starting this thread. Hopefully, if anyone else has had foot drop, they will post. ... (61 replies)

... eye... These newly discovered pains are mostly on my lower back it is like pressure, it can be best described as if there is a big magnet plate over my surgery area... ... (10 replies)
... all. They definitely need to figure this out and soon. I have heard about the leg just going out like this, he needs to be very careful. I only had numness in my foot at the time of my surgery, it was the leg pain that finally got to me. ... (19 replies)
... due to my permanent nerve damaged in my foot and leg. I still tried to drive and almost hit the pole on a road, because i don't feel which pedals I am pushing. ... (17 replies)
... S1 levels. I tried traction, physical therapy, and meds. The pain got worse and then the left leg pain spread to the thigh, calf, foot and toes. Weakness in that area followed. ... (4 replies)
... S1 on May 2nd. The surgery was only supposed to take 3 to 4 hours and ended up taking 8 hours. When I woke up my chin was numb and my gums turned white, that is better now. ... (17 replies)
... I was looking for some averages on how fast you completely recover from your pain after a Lumbar Discectomy for sciatcia. On Aug 08 06, I woke suddenly to pain so severe I could not walk or put a foot to ground. ... (12 replies)
... I have got more and more pain in my foot and toes since surgery 8 mons ago. I am now on neurontin as the pain got so bad. ... (5 replies)
Ergergency surgery
Dec 14, 2002
... I went out in the woods for about 3 hours and sat on a rock watching for deer to come buy. No luck. My lower back started spasming. I went into the house and didn't hunt the next 2 weeks because of back pain. I called my dr and got a muscle relaxant perscribed. ... (7 replies)
... this. You should have gotten some relief by now BUT it does take 12 months to be considered fully recovered. My dr. didn't consider any symptoms permanent until after 12 months from surgery date and successfully completed PT. I don't want to presume it may be perm. only a dr. ... (7 replies)
... For the first time since my back injury I decided to take enough pain pills to help stop the pain. It took three Ultraset. I can honestly see why people become addicted to them. ... (8 replies)
... no relief! In addition I am now experiencing unbearable nerve pain in my right ankle and foot. My foot is so sensitive at times that it hurts without my even moving it! ... (6 replies)
... Does anyone else who has had a lumbar fusion have foot pain? ... (2 replies)
... at the time of my surgery this was a new procedure.Before surgery I had the feeling in my right leg,day after surgery and ever since it's been numb.For 11 months following surgery I couldn't walk .I was referred to a new orthapedic surgeon who tried to reconstruct that area. ... (16 replies)
... I think restrictions also depend on the individual's physical problems and the surgery performed. ... (4 replies)
... ou find a good board that has good safety features and can adjust to how you want to invert. I have one that will go into the inversion by simply moving my arms back over my head and then raise again the same way, by bringing my arms up. ... (18 replies)
... S1 and have had two microdisectomy. I had tried PT, traction, and injections before the 1st surgery. After 2nd surgery, I took things a lot slower than the 1st one as I can't afford to reinjure my back again. ... (56 replies)
... pain in my right buttocks, back of my thigh...calf...right foot and toes... ... (6 replies)

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