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... I had day micro-surgery Monday morning with a left L4-5 hemilaminectomy and foraminectomy. The recovery nurse was emphasizing that walks would be good for me. I was doing fine the first day, took a couple short walks and early in the second day I took a couple walks. Late in the afternoon I developed a sharp pain in my upper left buttocks below the incision when walking... (8 replies)
... Good afternoon. My mother-in law is about to undergo a Foraminectomy of the L4-5. I hope I spelled it right. Anyway. We are just wondering what can she expect as well as us, how she will be feeling when she arrives home from the hospital. Also, what can she do, not do ect. I was hoping to find someone to answer some of these questions. Her doc is being very vague about... (1 replies)
... I just had a foraminectomy on Thursday. The MRI results were DDD and a herniated disk and a bulging disk at l4 l5. The option was a foraminectomy or a spinal fusion. I had the nerve block for a diagnostic tool to see if it was a pinched nerve and it worked for a few days. I felt like a different person. ... (13 replies)

... That being said...I have had three, two fusions and a smaller foraminectomy in between, and I am very happy I did. Of course it would have been great if the first surgery had resolved my problems, but, it did not. ... (32 replies)
... Started getting some left toe and middle foot tingling and a little numbness. Worried about it (8 replies)
... Today I'm at 1 week into recovery. Back and pain in upper buttocks is not too bad, more occassional than before when I move in a certain position. Foot seems to be ok today. Hopefully I will continue feeling better. (8 replies)
... I have some commercial ice packs that are the same brand my PT uses. I have not been putting a towel around them, but will do this as you suggest. I have also been trying heat as well. When I went for my preop they wanted to make me a back brace with a custom molded plastic back support. But since I already had a velcro wrap brace from my physiatrist they said that... (8 replies)
... Is this pain in the middle toes in your left foot? Middle toes are innervated by the L5 nerve. You probably are just developing so post surgical inflammation that is affecting the spinal nerve. You might want to try icing 15-20 minutes per hour being careful to keep the ice or gel pack off the incision...and protecting the skin from freezing. (8 replies)
... Sharp pain above left butt is better today, but now I have developed some numbness and tingling in my middle toes, which is a fair cause for alarm with me. Certainly hope this is not permanent and don't know what I may have done to bring this on. Tried to walk today, but the toe irritation made it difficult. (8 replies)
... My walking pain is still very very bad, I can barely get around. I'd call the doctor's office but it is Thanksgiving. They basically were just giving me lip service yesterday. Sitting is ok, but that is not supposed to be good for me. (8 replies)
... Teteri, Thanks for replying. I feel a little better this afternoon since I'm continuing on the Ibuprophen and dropped the Vicodin. Things would have been too painful earlier today to walk outside, every time I shift my weight from one leg to another I get a sharp pain, so I had been sort of shuffling around when I walk. It really is not a matter of not feeling like... (8 replies)
... I can sit fine, which is the opposite of what they told me, that I would be able to sit only for short periods and move around the rest of the time. They were probably referring to what you should be doing after lumbar surgery rather than what you would be able to do....Sitting puts 30% more stress on the discs than standing/walking or lying down. Patients are often told... (8 replies)
... Saw my OS yesterday. Spent a long time with him looking at MRIs and Xrays. I have a pretty bad back!! He said L3 is my worst but no pain from there. L4 and L5 are "thin" but alot better than L3. Pain is from L5 & S1. If he fused L4&5 all the load would be on L3 which could not take it. We discussed endoscopic foraminectomy. Said it removes more bone just to get to it. He... (18 replies)
... If your read through Bracer's thread when he was trying to make his decision, you will have read what I wrote to him. If back surgery came with a guarantee that it would turn out well and resolve all issues, or if you had a crystal ball and could tell whether you are causing further nerve damage by waiting to decompress the nerve, the decision would be easy. But, alas, no... (42 replies)
... hemi = half laminectomy = removal of all or part of the lamina, with the lamina being the back part of your vertebrae So a hemilaminectomy is a surgery where the lamina is removed on the left or right side of the back of a vertebrae. This surgery is done to give more room for the spinal canal in the case of stenosis or to give the surgeon access to the spinal or... (1 replies)
... I'm scheduled for a myelogram in a couple of weeks and I'm wondering what exactly the test will show. I've read posts about how the procedure is done, and while I'm not necessarily looking forward to it I'm getting used to all of these tests so I'm sure I can make it through it. I had two back surgeries in 2008 (laminectomy/discectomy/foraminectomy at L4-L5 and... (2 replies)
... I had surgery in August for an L4-L5 disc problem - they did a laminectomy, foraminectomy, and discectomy. I had the L4-L5 disc bulging into the left foraminal zone causing severe sciatic pain down my left leg, especially when sitting. Here it is December and the pain seems to be a little better than before the surgery, but I still can't sit for more than just a couple of... (1 replies)
... Hello- I just got my surgery report at 6 weeks post -op. I'm sure it might be a mistake on the RN's part but it might be something in your file just not the surgery report (mine was 4 pages long and written by the surgeon and hand signed and witnessed). I can easily imagine that a surgeon may find compression on the nerve root due to stenosis of the formamina or... (9 replies)
... Hey Joey- I'm going to assume you are having a laminectomy. I had one in March of '05. This is done, as you may well know, to relieve pressure on your nerve roots. Some of the laminar bone on the back of your vertebra will be removed to enlarge the space that your nerve needs to live and move through. I often hear people say they had a sugery for 'decompression' and... (10 replies)
... Hello Technomom, Well, I'm sorry you need this info but, boy, you've come to the right place! There is a thread near the very top of this board on fusion surgery tips - a huge amount of helpful information is on that thread alone. And I can tell you I had the same experience twice - I sat in the surgeon's office just speechless and couldn't think of a single thing to... (3 replies)

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